No one wanted an old school company of "you're likely going to get this until you die unless you work to create a new position in the company that makes us more money and makes more value to our customers". Which was what I wanted to create.

The whole reason I worked to get rich was to create a company that people could work hard, efficiently, and get more done in 10 hours than today's 35 hour. I wanted people to build together rather than try to get a million-dollar mcmansion that cost $200k to build and $30k in materials.

I thought I had more time to make this but I didnt realize it was rigged to fail in 2009 and delayed only meant they tightened the constraints by never getting anything fixed. Government was supposed to add a value to citizens, cover things like garbage disposal and controlling imports to make sure toxic goods don't enter.

Today I walk from 14th and 8th on Manhattan and see a red bumber on the side of the road by 8th and 16th for the 5th week in a row!

You know how much NYC pays for garbage and 10k police?!? I also read there's 250k empty apartments in the city and 64k homeless families.

Like Cardi B said, where's all this money going? They're just collecting it and not earning it at any point and they're doing it to cause a violent up rise to get us to give up and beg for socialism. Except people need to realize we're begging those that refuse to do anything. They want us to basically die off asking for help and they're escalating it.

This is the new "they came for my neighbor and I was silent until they came for me". We silently watch homelessness grow and get more and more actively asking for help. We do nothing but think officials will do something. When we're homeless people will think the same think until the only non-homeless were those we were asking for help and they're going to spit in our face and ask us if we want to be sacrificed to their dark lord of ever burning fire.