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Open file (67.76 KB 800x408 whistleblower.jpg)
Taylor Amarel - Kushner Whistleblower? Comrade 08/02/2017 (Wed) 16:25:19 [Preview] No. 452 [Reply]
There was a whistleblower who posted on 4/8ch and also on deepweb ellipsis.
Reading recent stories about Kusher, it seams like his disclosures match to what has recently been reported.
Do you have any ideas? I think it is worth sleuthing through old posts and even figure out if Taylor Scott Amarel is actually alive…

Open file (15.93 KB 340x327 bukh.jpg)
mause hover Comrade 07/28/2017 (Fri) 02:15:16 [Preview] No. 432 [Reply]
please board owner make a mouse hover to see how many time ago a comment was published, as many of us are not interested in doing the math, and also i don't know what hour is the watch on (im not from america).

to locate in time is one of the most important aspects on a IB, and without that this place will never have more people.
Open file (78.47 KB 480x637 sfagadge.jpeg)
I'm not an american either and the time is in UTC+0

>to locate in time is one of the most important aspects on a IB, and without that this place will never have more people.
I guess you wasn't around when 4ch and 8ch didn't do local time :^)

However when I have time I'll look into it.
>I guess you wasn't around when 4ch and 8ch didn't do local time :^)
exactly, im the newest fag on the earth
also why don't we have flags? :p
Because BO hasn't set them

Comrade 07/19/2017 (Wed) 05:40:09 [Preview] No. 400 [Reply]
Shit guys, some just now told me ill grow out of communism. Damm....
4Chan war? xD
why has god abandoned us?
because you filthy commies abandoned him.

Open file (26.84 KB 680x537 146108145312.jpg)
Comrade 04/05/2017 (Wed) 04:44:19 [Preview] No. 47 [Reply]
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It isn't working for me.
can you stay up to guard the site?
I have a lot of free time now what do I have to suck to become a vol?
Open file (95.31 KB 215x301 1348455360519.png)
I'm afraid of going to bed now, I can't log into my account and I'm unsure f the board will be safe until the morning
Open file (21.51 KB 236x240 FILE1555.JPG)
I still can't log into my damned account.
GG NO RE. Codemonkey

Comrade 06/22/2017 (Thu) 11:54:42 [Preview] No. 373 [Reply]
Does this place even have any mods?
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if you could purge /pol/acks that'd be neat
Not being an anarchist

Left unity.

Open file (22.86 KB 200x267 image.jpeg)
Comrade 04/08/2017 (Sat) 05:05:13 [Preview] No. 124 [Reply]
What does leftypol think of Chomsky?
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my man
Open file (29.72 KB 273x415 my man.jpg)
I like him as I'm generally not opposed to anyone on the left opposing capitalism, but as others have stated, his attacks on Žižek are childish
He used to speak faster when he was younger, so I recommend you to watch his interviews when he was young as the core of what he says hasn't changed

Open file (254.96 KB 972x1088 IMG_0153.PNG)
Comrade 07/07/2017 (Fri) 18:29:16 [Preview] No. 388 [Reply]
That G20 summit tho... it was one hell of a party
Kinda wish I could go tbh.
Looks like an amazing party!

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WW3 Discussion Thread Anonymous 09/10/2016 (Sat) 17:36:52 [Preview] No. 7 [Reply]
>Washington has begun raising the specter of human rights accusations against Duterte’s murderous anti-drug crusade as a means of pressuring Manila into line with the agenda of the “pivot to Asia.” Duterte responded with an angry tirade during a press conference before the ASEAN summit, mouthing nationalist denunciations of US crimes as a means of justifying his own criminal policies. The White House announced it was calling off Obama’s planned meeting with Duterte during the summit.

>On Wednesday, Duterte expressed his “regrets” over having offended Obama. Manila announced on the same day it had evidence that China was engaged in island construction on the disputed Scarborough Shoal, in violation of the PCA ruling. It released photographs to the press that it claimed documented this construction activity.

>Duterte’s entourage supplied the Wall Street Journal with a copy of the speech he planned to deliver during the East Asia Summit.

>Duterte instead delivered an “impromptu speech.” In the closed-door session, Duterte showed the delegates, including Obama, photographs of carnage from the 1899–1902 Philippine-American War and stated “This is my ancestor they killed. Why now [the Americans] are talking about human rights?”

>tfw filipinos are going to start ww3
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According to the wsws, the ww3 would have been started 15 times in the last three years. The SEP is a bit like Jehovas Whitnesses.
Did the entire German and Italian economies rest on the well-being of France?
Ukraine's economy was/is dependant on Russia.

Do you believe that the capitalist class is a united force that always works in its own best interest or have you actually read some marx?

The fact of the matter is that china believes that pacific is large enough for two world powers and president obama's signature foreign policy move has been to point most of our guns at china in an attempt to get them to back off. The rhetoric in this election, and in general, has been massively anti-china.

Do you think that if the fucking retarded crazy fascists in Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, etc started a land war or were invaded that the united states would do nothing? Do you think that next major crisis will have no effect on interstate relations?

Climate disaster is already driving conflict in the poorest parts of the world and any one could spark a global conflict.
That's actually a good question. I'd like to see what level of foreign investment was in Germany at the time. I would imagine though that the colonies would be more lucrative, or at least have a lower cost to entry.
>tfw ww3 starts because people are so pathologically altruistic that they think subhuman drug addicts deserve to live

Open file (7.39 KB 1500x900 redandblack.png)
Comrade 06/13/2017 (Tue) 01:29:24 [Preview] No. 368 [Reply]

Open file (909.79 KB 600x600 ameriga-comp.gif)
Just a reminder to those browsing here Comrade 04/05/2017 (Wed) 03:01:52 [Preview] No. 42 [Reply]
This place still exists:

Also, site owner should move all posts from /left/ to here, or rename /left/ to /leftypol/ or /pol/.
Yeah, there's too much content on /left/ to be lost, at least currently
I'm not sure why everyone was so sissy that a stupid little theme couldn't let them continue browsing
Thats because left and leftypol are moderated by different people. Left is moderated by the bunkerchan team, while leftypol is moderated by BO and mod team.


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