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Open file (52.91 KB 717x547 misgender ban.png)
Comrade 02/13/2019 (Wed) 21:07:52 Id: 76b8c2 [Preview] No. 4115
I got permabanned for posting this to the leftypol bunkerchan board. Makes you think..
Try not to be a cunt next time.
Pretending a surgically altered man is a woman is the exemplification of right wing idealism.
Regardless of your views on trans issues; permabanning people for misgendering them is completely reddit-tier. Idpol doesn't belong on leftypol.

>imagine being this triggered over someone else's decision that affects literally nothing about you

>stay buttblasted
>Being raped or imprisoned by the mentally ill doesn't affect you at all and you're just assmad.
Hi /trannypol/


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