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Respublica: A Political Simulation Game Comrade 01/06/2019 (Sun) 01:47:11 Id: 2cd840 [Preview] No. 4092
Hello /leftypol/ Respublica: https://respublica.co/ is a free to play political simulator. I am recruiting for the Scottish National Party as well as the Labour Party. The objective of the game is to run for elections in Parliament and win seats to advance the socialist movement in the United Kingdom. Both parties have agreed to a permanent coalition and share a discord, the community is also very active and large and elections happen every week. If you are looking for a niche experience, join the Scottish National Party which is smaller than the Labour Party and only plays in Scotland. The Labour Party is larger than the SNP and operates all over the UK but needs more members to combat the Conservatives and the fascists in UKIP. If you are interested in playing join our discord first and an officer will verify you: EykP8n
Open file (195.62 KB 559x499 ri_map.PNG)
Nice game
Yeah, the developer is still working on some bugs but he's been active and the game features have not been fully implemented yet. Huge potential for this game
We need more games like this
Is the game time consuming?
No, it's not just have to log in for at most a half an hour a day. Can play on mobile too


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