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Try and wake me up. Comrade 07/29/2018 (Sun) 18:34:21 Id: 426284 [Preview] No. 3970
I was born in the USSR. My parents hated it. My sister hated it. I hated it. So I was all happy when we moved to the US.

Unsurprisingly my parents ended up being pretty Right Wing and I started on that path but when I learned early on in my teens that I liked other women and saw how everyone but my dad suddenly hated me and how everyone on the Right hated me I decided to look at the Left until I noticed "Oh no that's where the Commies are D: D: D: D: D:" and so I've spent so long on the fence that I'm used to the feeling of picket poles going up my ass.

But I'm growing more and more contemptuous of the Right and suddenly Lefties are starting to sound more reasonable than other Centrists & Liberals and all that. But I still have a bit of a built in gag reflex whenever I think of supporting Communism just because of my experiences in the USSR.

So perhaps I need a little push.

Do your best to shake me awake, as it were.


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