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Open file (60.43 KB 1232x510 bo being a cunt.png)
Comrade 06/29/2017 (Thu) 09:03:46 [Preview] No. 3398
the 3rd wave of /leftypol/ migration is about to come because BO has gone off the rails with Unruhe tier anti-imperialism.
Does space_ support the YPG and will he allow us to call assad a cunt?
The BO sounds like an insane parody that got every bit of news straight from infographics on /pol/ and rambling Youtube vids:
>Anything that helps America is imperialist, anything that hinders it is anti-imperialist
>The Syrian Civil War was 100% because of American subversion. Everyone Assad had assaulted, gunned down unarmed, arrested, tortured, and executed was an imperialist agent.
>The Arab Spring was 100% American
>ISIS was 100% created and is 100% funded by America
>None of this is rumor or speculation even in part, all of it is 100% confirmed and inarguable fact
>Anything America does to assist the YPG is imperialist, as a result, anything anyone else does to assist the YPG is also imperialist

Gamergate somehow managed to survive 5 board migrations due to BO meltdowns, but that was at the height of its energy as a phenomenon. I'm not sure Corbyn is enough to keep /leftypol/ from collapsing like the /gamergatehq/ /ggrevolt/ split did.
I NEED A LOW DOWN on what's happened
Also going to shift the thread to left just in case if it's true
>/leftypol/ has had giant threads about the YPG since the start of Rojava, which for years have been cyclical and overwhelmingly popular
>Trump recently issued public support for the YPG, along with weapons, military coordination, and aid
>The BO of /leftypol/ de-cyclical-ed the YPG thread with a slightly spergy message about how we should have a plain Syrian Civil War thread because the YPG aren't /ourgals/
>Just tonight, in one of these threads, the BO announced a new "rule" against "imperialism" after repeatedly losing arguments
>The BO then had a massive spergout, declaring that any explicit lauding of or failure to condemn American support for the YPG is "imperialist", as well as spouting ridiculously faulty anti-YPG propaganda
>Massive number of poster bans and post deletions
Can't she see the Trump Regime is only funding the YPG because it pisses off assad and putin?

>banning for this
Over the line tbh. She also barred a bunkerchan moderator
see we should support assad because 1) he's the legitimate gov't of syria (won't someone PLEASE think of the autocrats???!!!)
2) it stops a gas pipeline,

I got banned for "imperialism" too even though I was strongly supporting the anti-imperialist position and defending Russia. It seems they want the "threads to die down."
Still going on. Should /leftypol/etarians migrate here?
Yeah get posting telling them to come to left
Why not use both? I was hoping this place might get a bit more active when 8ch went down during April.
It was active.....for awhile.
>Why not use both?
Because on /leftypol/ you get banned for "imperialism" if you don't support liberals who rubbed the US the wrong way. I'd love to use both, but /leftypol/ is compromised and there aren't many people here.
Open file (149.24 KB 1137x419 unperson.png)
the tank poster was replying to some who argued that democratic confederalism isn't nationalist,
that post was delet, the mods are deleting pro-ypg posts, not just posts that are pro-us (i think the us should nuke assad) but posts that mearly respond to anti-ypg arguements (they are kurdish nationalists, who are genocide the arabs). its official you can argue for anarcho-capitalism or the death of all niggers on /leftypol/ but not the for the ypg
YPG posts will never be banned on bunkerchan.
thank you,space, this place really deserves more traffic.


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