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Comrade 04/29/2017 (Sat) 23:57:39 Id: c88307 [Preview] No. 3377
Friendly reminder that the only successful form of Socialism was National Socialism.
I'm /r/ing ban for polyps who come to the non-leftypol boards. This is the bunker, at last.
Need to shift it to dprk where it belongs tbh
I concur

Even used our own rocket scientists to allow them to participate in the space race
Nazi scum.
>better than the ussr
>believes in natural selection and that only the fittest will survive
>lost the only war they ever fought and fucked their country over until 2017
Open file (147.86 KB 800x532 1495755598499.jpg)
this song is unbelively good
prove me wrong comanons


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