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hoxhaists: what do you believe? Comrade 04/23/2017 (Sun) 05:32:51 Id: c9453d [Preview] No. 3326
hello comrades, something ive always wondered as a leftist from an 100% albanian family is how much hoxha is memed up. is hoxhaism really a big thing in tankie circles? what do hoxhaists believe? from what i understand isnt it just stalinism/maoism pre "revisionism"? my family does not talk about him in a positive light, growing up in albania during the time my grandparents remember learning chinese folk songs in school, they all cherished having universal health care and that there was no crime (my dads side lived in the country side near yugoslavia, and my moms side lived in the capital tirane) however they always said hoxha was ruthless. yes the bunkers are a big meme and if you ever come to the country many of them have been removed, but theres still some left in beach areas/the country/even some on display in the capital, they did "set us back economically" which may or may not be bullshit if money did matter that time
im faded rn comrades but all im wondering is what level of self crit do hoxhaists practice? how much of what my parents lived experience is projected through propoganda ? either way i bet u all are lovely comrades i would be your tour guide if you ever want to visit albania
I think it's about 90% memery.
Hoxhas paranoia is hilarious, while his regime hasn't commited crimes against humanity and accomplished a giant rise in alphabetisation and human development in general, so poking fun of him is a innocent amusement.

I wonder when most of the bunkers have been removed, is it just a meme that they have the same role for the defloration of young people as cars in the us of the 50s?


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