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Comrade 04/20/2017 (Thu) 01:12:15 Id: 4ae23a [Preview] No. 3313
So Antifa girl is raising money to start a labour movement with the help of fellow comrades. Check this out:
"My friends who organized the GoFundMe campaign are going to be taking a grant approved by me to fund a Democracy@Work Action group, an organization that is dedicated to coordinating activists to set up housing cooperatives for those committed to the engagement in labor struggle on a daily basis, and the empowerment of workers unions, which is desperately needed in light of the Trump administration. Their first project is to launch an app to securely allow workers to organize and communicate to demand better working conditions and recieving more than a livable wage. This is the economic battle that comes with the fight on the streets. I'm taken care of financially for my medical and legal bills and am glad to help kickstart this badly needed organization for cooperatives. Thanks again for all the support, again and again, comrades. ❤
- Louise"
Obviously I can't stress enough that an app like this would help the labour movement intensely. So if you can donate here is the link: https://www (dot) gofundme (dot) com/3nj1iqg
And if there are any questions or concerns send a message to the page "Class Action Praxis" on Facebook. Screenshot for proof of project.
Android, IOS and Windows are all backdoored.
an app like that is pointless imo because there are already encrypted messaging apps such as signal, it would be better to just have everyone install that and save the money/time
Yep, the money would've been better invested in riot.im, Conversations and XMPP development.
ineffective use of money. The app in reality would likely never get developed anyways, and even if it were to be developed, it would likely not be very popular.

Money could go towards far better uses
>(((labour movement))) goes around beating up other working-class people

Open file (280.44 KB 937x719 14words.jpg)
As if antifa or neonazis would go to work
More like raising money for food.

Couldn't imagine being a Communist in the current year


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