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Comrade 04/08/2017 (Sat) 19:10:12 Id: 3f5c40 [Preview] No. 3297
In the last month, I started getting more into leftist politics and something has been bugging me. Why does Marx get a lot of Credit but nothing on Engles? I see his name is on the Communist Manifesto and he is almost always in a picture with Marx but I have never seen him brought up by either Right-wingers or Left-wingers that often. So what did he contribute to leftist politics and why does he get so much less attention?
Engels was responsible for Marx inheritance, so one of his contributions was actually publicing Marx scriptures.
Of course he also wrote a lot stuff together with Marx and alone; and I was suggested to read something from
him by different leftist (and did so, even when I don't like his writing style very much).

Some philosophers claim he was adulterating Marx philosophy; I can't really say whether that's true.


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