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Why leftism? Helghastanon 04/06/2017 (Thu) 19:23:41 Id: 988258 [Preview] No. 3286
Ok my question to leftcucks is this, why should I fight for a system, that does the same shit I hate capitalism for, aka supporting faggots
To further elaborate because paragraph posting is hated here, let me present my issues with capitalism, capitalism allows (allows faggots to live), protects (hate crimes), and supports (literally giving government money to GRIDS infected subhumans), faggotry pic related, in the shithole that is the middle east they would throw these faggots off a building
I hear constantly from leftists that these protections are not only a good thing, but that the ones that capitalism provides is NOT ENOUGH!?!? So leftists, why should I fight and die for your cause, when you support the same shit I hate capitalism for?
lastly fuck this shitty website for not allowing me to post this small paragraph into one OP
That's not leftism my dood that's, a load of social liberalism and identity politics.

People here are generally apposed to hate crime laws, but for normal laws like don't murder ppl. (no way)

To oversimplify things a bit the main priority of leftism is making sure capitalists don't sit on their ass and steal from the people actually doing labor, while also providing a certain standard of living to all people. Leftists want this done in different ways.
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Right wingers are beta males.

All good looking girls are Leftist.


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