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OC thread Comrade 04/06/2017 (Thu) 10:06:47 Id: c12f8c [Preview] No. 3275
I like the idea of using bunkerchan as /leftypol/'s vanguard. Not just to create memes, but also infographs to explain how capitalism sucks or maybe even summarize certain aspects of socialist theory.
That's not a bad idea. We really need a thread dedicated to creating good content, and not just le funneh maymays

NO, we need to create funny memes that immerse people in the ideology! RIGHT WINGERS SUCCEED IN SPREADING THEIR IDEAS UNDER THE GUISE OF JOKES- CUCK, SHEKELS, REDPILLED. We need to take our ideology less serious by taking the piss out of it. Only when we've condensed our content and made it more accessible will our ideas be accepted.
>t. revisionist
>t. revisionist

I only speak the truth. The left will never be a salient force if we aren't self critical.
this is retarded and you are retarded
are there any short essays by Marx we can make an infograph of?

Damn, I'm hit!
welcome to die


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