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Comrade 04/04/2017 (Tue) 23:25:51 Id: 1ebc1f [Preview] No. 3225
>Bruno R. places both the Soviet and fascist regimes under the category of “bureaucratic collectivism”, because the USSR, Italy and Germany are all ruled by bureaucracies; here and there are the principles of planning; in one case private property is liquidated, in another limited, etc. Thus on the basis of the relative similarity of certain external characteristics of different origin, of different specific weight, of different class significance, a fundamental identity of social regimes is constructed, completely in the spirit of bourgeois professors who construct, categories of “controlled economy”, “centralised state”, without taking into consideration whatsoever the class nature of one or the other, Bruno R. and his followers, or semi-followers like Burnham, at best remain in the sphere of social classification on the level of Linnaeus in whose justification it should be remarked however that he lived before Hegel, Darwin and Marx.

>Even worse and more dangerous, perhaps, are those eclectics who express the idea that the class character of the Soviet state “does not matter”, and that the direction of our policy is determined by the “character of the war”. As if the war were an independent super-social substance; as if the character of the war were not determined by the character of the ruling class, that is, by the same social factor that also determines the character of the state. Astonishing how easily some comrades forget the ABCs of Marxism under the blows of events!

>It is not surprising that the theoreticians of the opposition who reject dialectic thought capitulate lamentably before the contradictory nature of the USSR. However the contradiction between the social basis laid down by the revolution, and the character of the caste which arose out of the degeneration of the revolution is not only an irrefutable historical fact but also a motor force. In our struggle for the overthrow of the bureaucracy we base ourselves on this contradiction. Meanwhile some ultra-lefts have already reached the ultimate absurdity by affirming that it is necessary to sacrifice the social structure of the USSR in order to overthrow the Bonapartist oligarchy! They have no suspicion that the USSR minus the social structure founded by the October Revolution would be a fascist regime.
What defense can tankies even muster against this? It seems like Trotsky is being pretty generous by not just calling them red fascists.
Open file (34.67 KB 480x583 image.jpg)
Trotsky's analysis of the USSR is pretty shit actually, since he does not want to go into the Marxist analysis of the mode of production, but stays on the level of the form.

Looking at the mode of production (accumulation of capital, commodity-form, money) the USSR was simply state capitalism. I'd recommend Chattopadhyay on the topic, who also dismantles the 'neither socialist nor capitalist' arguments. https://www.docdroid.net/xLlHgGv/chattopadhyay-paresh-the-marxian-concept-of-capital-and-the-soviet-experience.pdf.html#page=117


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