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Comrade 04/04/2017 (Tue) 22:59:42 Id: c4bd65 [Preview] No. 3220
I'm going to start making leftypol threads in hwndu. Feel free to join me. Let's make the board belong to us
Don't do this.
This is a good idea, I'll bump some of your threads. Just pretend like the board is leftypol, don't act like it's a raid
Open file (35.52 KB 600x450 Shia heil 2.jpg)
no, don't raid me
look Shia is nadsi

Seriously, this is a terrible idea.
Literally attacking a thousand people with that much time on their hands.
Alright, point taken
Open file (14.61 KB 140x50 file exists.png)
well thanks
Did the raiding stop, or you just got bored?

You know I'm just going to delete all this in a couple of days, right?
Nice to have you around, don't come back. You are welcome to help me fuck with Shia, though.
It wasn't even a raid, my dude. Just having some fun since this is literally the most shitty and boring imageboard
Yeah, somehow I was expecting a lot of work.
Guess I'm bored too, season 5 is taking forever.
No way, I was definitely not going to raid with malice. Just having some fun. If I want to be spiteful, I'll go to /sudo/ and shit up the place, but not enough of us go on here when /leftypol/ is down to actually accomplish that


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