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The Non-Offical /left/ Reading Club Comrade 04/04/2017 (Tue) 09:47:52 Id: 3f37c1 [Preview] No. 3077
I figured if we're going to be here for a while may as well try and get one of these going again.

What are you reading at the moment?
Thoughts on current and past books?
Share charts/reccs.
Any short reads by Marx? The manifesto is really bad.
Good thinking, OP. Book/reading threads are nice.

I'm currently reading multiple stuff (depending on the mood I'm in):
"Burmese Days" (Orwell)
"Moby Dick" (Melville)
"Introducing Alain Badiou: A Graphic Guide"
...and I started with In Defense of Lost Causes (Zizek) yesterday.

I'm still trying to 'understand' philosophy better. There are parts in Zizek's books/essays (even the more political and easier ones) where I'm having trouble. I'm trying, lads, I'm trying.

>tfw slow reader
You might enjoy Finding George Orwell in Burma
>I'm trying, lads, I'm trying.
Same here. Trying to knock out some pages a day but it's hard. Motivation for anything at thie moment is pretty low for me.
Open file (375.72 KB 727x693 bordiga comfy.png)
Looks interesting. Thanks.

Hang in there, lad. We're gonna make it someday!
Going to read "A New History of Western Philosophy" soon. (that is not the Russel one)
Starting Philosophy for Non-Philosophers and Twenty Days in Turin when I get home from work.
Finally got round to reading The Conquest of Bread

Kropotkin's style of writing is really nice to read
I hate it.
I'm loving this groundbreaking nounced criticism right here
Alright alright I'm shitposting a bit. I'm reading the conquest of bread aswell and get tired of the style after a while. Maybe one day I'll make a simplified english version. I don't hate his style.
I've been spread over several books recently.

Just finished the Communist Manifesto for a reading group, I was right in thinking there was no actual theory in there I didn't already know, however it did give me some nice ways to phrase certain arguments.

I've also been reading The Soul of Man Under Socialism which just flows beautifully, about half way through but haven't been able to get around to finishing it due to having no time.

Re-reading State and Revolution for another reading group, as it was the first book I read, coming back to it with more knowledge on the Russian revolution and Marxist theory has caused me to pick up a lot more than I did the first time round. Instead of stumbling through and just about keeping up with the concepts, I'm actually evaluating them in my head as I go along, which feels nice.

I've also been reading Critique of the Gotha Program, probably read the half half of that three times now and still I'm picking out new stuff, but this time around I think I've properly got my head around the details, of which there are many. Will have that finished pretty soon, it's a great text.

And lastly I need to finish off the extremely long winded Zizek part of Revolution at the Gates. I was tempted to drop it all together but I've been told he brings together all the waffling at the end to make some great points, and as I found his intro to the book amazing I'm optimistic his final points, now that I actually know he makes some eventually, will be good, so that's given me an incentive to get back into it.

So yea, kind of all over the place at the moment. Exams are coming up too but I hope during summer I'll be able to wrap all of these up.
I just talked to one of, if not the, only professors in my poli-sci department about getting more into theory, and she recommended me the Marx-Engels reader by Tucker, so I'll probably check that out. She also lent me a copy of Rosa Luxemburg's "The Russian Revolution and Leninism or Marxism?" to thumb through, which I'm going to read shortly. I'm also going to undertake the endeavor to actually parse through "Capital" by the man himself, aided by the Tucker reader, but that might have to wait until I'm done with classes for the summer.
The Soul of Man Under Socialism legit made me tear up.


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