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Comrade 04/04/2017 (Tue) 03:24:47 Id: 3e6632 [Preview] No. 3021
>Rebel absurdity is dead
>Political Ideology Catgirls is dead
>Bat'ko is now in Uni
>8chan is down and tracking it's users
>In general /leftpol/ has been comrades
Is the left dying? I don't want to die...
Shit, I meant
>/leftypol/ is LOSING comrades
>rebel is dead
Obituary or it didn't happen.
There was a time when we only had a mascot.

The fact that we are losing doesn't make us dead.
>not an Obituary
It's ok to be in denial.

RIP in Pepperoni Rebel, you christian faggot. May your final leap had been in full faith.
>catgirls dead

Seems fine to me: http://politicalideologycatgirls.com/

Oi, cunt I'm not dead. I'll be having a break soon. Calm your tits.
It will be, once the site stops getting paied for.
Where is the donation link?
I’m going to keep the website up until the domain expires.
didn't say you were, unlike us you just have a life
Open file (168.33 KB 500x609 35678.png)
>Ideology Catgirls is dead

It's not "dead" the comics are just done.

She will still prob make catgirl pics and stuff.

/Leftypol/ will rise again!
Having a presence on Youtube is nice and a great advantage, but namefags certainly aren't detrimental to da revolution.
Even without catgirl drawfag, we'll still have a decent enough flow of OC.
>Rebel absurdity is dead
People are still making fanart and shit as well
Once we stop fighting over Discord and /leftypol/ is back up we'll be good fam
No worries


Rebel's not dead, just a fash apologist now.


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