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The Shitshow Leftypol Board Owner 04/04/2017 (Tue) 01:37:50 Id: e2c214 [Preview] No. 2983
/leftypol/ board owner here, I don't really have a plan of action right now, but the total incompetence and bias of the 8ch admins has got on my nerves. If this isn't some kind of extremely retarded, elaborate April Fool's prank, then the admins haven't conducted themselves in an open and honest manner at all. I think this could possibly be the time to migrate.

What do you guys think?

Edit: editing this post to prove I have an account here.
Edited last time by che on 04/04/2017 (Tue) 01:38:46.
Thank god your alive.

I'm ready to switch left with leftypol
fucked up my trip

Plot also thickens apparently 8ch have been keeping a record of IP's and posts
When it comes back on you could make a sticky to move people to a new board.
I think I'll decide what to do once it comes back up and I make a thread about it on /leftypol/. The board software here is not ideal, and we would probably loose some IPs, but with roughly 1000 active users on 8ch, we can survive losses. If you want to get things ready, please change the CSS on bunker/leftypol/ to plain Yotsuba or Yotsuba B. And I guess put it up on the top bar and board list.

>Plot also thickens apparently 8ch have been keeping a record of IP's and posts
Are we sure this isn't just endchan shilling?
Who owns this board? I can help you with CSS if you need help to make it look like the 8ch/leftypol/
Actually I could make it default on bunker/leftypol/
Btw trip #rs for capcode

Honestly much easier to read.

Also, you should think of moving to a more widely used chan software. /leftypol/ will be the target of /pol/ attcks.
Vichan and tinyboard are susceptible to the same exploit as infinity
I unhid leftypol and changed the CSS
BO could you please get on the mod chat!!
We've spend the last few days waiting for you!!
I think that by leaving 8ch we'll be making them happy. Not what we want.
Yotsuba and Yotsuba B sucks.
Use the dark theme from 8ch.
oh common ! we should not care about /pol/
btw, is there even a catalog in this board software?
Top right but I'll add it to the bottom next to moderate thread
it seems like there's no catalog link on these pages though. maybe it's the mod view from me being logged in.
I guess dumbfucks can't append /catalog.html to things on their own.
Fucking sad people need this much handholding. But it IS easy to put a link into the page.

Sidenote: I like the default css, and fuck 8ch, I for one am mega sick of their shit.
Open file (126.38 KB 1366x768 hesabatjim.png)
Open file (497.56 KB 1024x656 LaughingCorbyn.png)
ooooooh shit lol. I was looking for it in the usual places. didn't even see it when I did a ctrl+f.

tried /catalog, but left off .html. so sue me.
There's a huge strategic issue with moving to a new board.

/leftypol/ gets a lot of traffic simply because 8chan is a popular image board. People find /leftypol/ and are later converted. Moving out of 8ch sort of endangers that prospect.

If we are to move anywhere we should be trying to find a way to create a /leftypol/ on 4chan, which has a bigger userbase than 8chan obviously.
8/leftypol/ isn't even visible on fucking google. If anything, 8ch has been keeping us somewhat obscure.

>we should be trying to find a way to create a /leftypol/ on 4chan
dumb. Hiroshima is just as bad as jim.
Open file (85.82 KB 669x603 Καταγραφή.JPG)
Explain this.
Trying to totally move the board could be a major strategic flaw that damages the population on 8chan and draws undue attention to this imageboard, causing it to get raided or DDoS'd to death in the process, sort of like what happened with early 8chan but without le shady businessman to seize it when it's going under.

It's fine to try to draw people in, but I'd rather not do it at the cost of users on 8chan, for the risk that it leaves us with two dead communities.
agree, 4chan keeps threatening /vr/ and it's not like there isn't massive right wing bias with all the janitors and owners there as well.
I've been banned on mutliple occasions on /vr/ just for saying things as innocuous as bad decisions made by sega and nintendo having roots in the profit motive and how big companies will do extremely stupid things to protect their intellectual property and to not lose money.

4chan is no solution.
But yes, being googleable would be good.
Non of those links lead to /leftypol/ on 8ch

Congratulations, you played yourself.
If endchan can survive. We can survive.

>we might get DDOS'D to death
DDOS mitigation is a thing.
Open file (76.93 KB 942x652 google leftypol.PNG)

This is mine
Sometimes it's the 4th link.
I guess now with all the traffic gone it's gone last.
Open file (22.26 KB 744x561 leftypol banned.png)
I understand why people want to leave 8ch, but they want us to leave 8ch. I like the fact that we piss them off so bad just by being on there.

Also, if you are really the /leftypol/ admin, can you do something about the shitty mods you added a while back?
Open file (17.04 KB 447x170 Καταγραφή.JPG)
... pic not posted.. damn.
I thought we were supposed to be a fomitable force.

Not "Survive".
Just surviving is the reformist choice. The revolutionary choice is to never back down and continue fighting on
I hope you mean migrate to endchan or some other equivalent. I'm not migrating here. It is imperative that we don't ostracize ourselves from other image board communities, you severely underestimate the amount of successful outreach and conversion that has come out of 8ch's other communities.
Also this.
No thanks. Believe it or not some of us actually use 8ch's other boards. I will not be happy if the leftist presence on 8ch runs away and I have to deal with even more reactionary crap on other boards.
forgot to switch IP's? samefag.
Don't be a fag, OP.
Why can't we use this on this board? There's like a dozen post on the /leftypol/ here and no indication anyone's going to start using it
Open file (51.69 KB 372x408 24572.png)
We can't just "give up" on /leftypol/

Even if the odds are against us.
No, just kept thinking of something else to add.
Best post in thread.

Bunkerchan is love, bunkerchan is live.
Here's my two cents on the issue as I see it.

On the one hand, the 8chan's moderation looks to have finally shown its true colors in that they do not approve/like /leftypol/'s presence on their site. I don't know if that has been the prevailing opinion for a while now or if that's a semi-recent development, because I've only seen relatively cordial relations between site staff and board up until now (even so far as /leftypol/ being among the first boards addressed when dealing with the furry spammer a few months back). Regardless, there is a good chance that these attitudes will only get worse as time passes. That's not even to touch on accusations of data/IP collection and such. Moving to our own site like this would give us greater self determination as well as potential greater visibility through not being blocked in google searches.

On the other hand, migrating the population here will not be easy, and we are likely to lose a fair number of users in the process (especially those who are heavy cross-boarders). By leaving, and I make no attempt to hide the petty nature of saying so, we risk being seen as having "lost" when it comes to our holdout on "relevant" chans. On that note, you probably should be certain too that, if /leftypol/ is effectively closed and traffic redirected here, no other successor boards are left on 8chan to try and suck up fence-sitters who are likely to cave in to familiarity when presented with the proposition that they adopt a new community platform. There's also the issue of Bunkerchan needing to be overhauled before it should realistically be taking in people, ideally to make it as consistent with the layout of the other chans as possible for user adjustment ease.
Perhaps my biggest concern though is that by separating ourselves further from the other chans, we risk losing a sense of "imageboard culture." A sizable chunk of the people who end up browsing /leftypol/ are people who stumble in from other boards because "it's on the same site, might as well take a look." If we move off-site, there is a high likelihood that those sort of population sources will outright refuse to go somewhere they believe to be an obscure non-starter. We'll still get the people who seek us out, but that is dependent on us maintaining and expanding a sizable reputation through all manner of channels. Being on 8chan and being limited by the site's reputation in some ways filters out those who aren't going to have the stomach for standard imageboard fair; the uber-idpol redditors and twitter normies who happen to stumble on our board don't stick around too long. If we have our own site, we risk a reversal of this issue: the typical imageboard population (at least the center-to-leftist part) shys away and we're left with the previously filtered populace.
>imageboard culture
You are aware that there are far more imageboards then cripplechan and halfchan?
Decentralisation is a good thing.
Image board users are supposed to be not as tech illerate as facebook normies and be able to follow links or google a website.
>we risk losing a sense of "imageboard culture."
Oh no, what will we do without ironic shitposting and stale memes? Oh no I say.
The only """""imageboard culture""""" that barely matters is not using sage as a downvote if you ask me.

Fuck imageboard culture and fencesitters. Anyone dumb enough to just follow like a lemming can be easily turned by pigs or the opposition.

Fuck looking like other boards, we don't put on swastika armbands just to fit in.

To hell with them. Utilizing various Lefty pilot I gin aged Facebook memepages and twitters can get us twice the useful traffic we get from cross boarders on 8ch.
And at half the price in baitposters and thread derailers.
I think we're fucked if we do fucked if we don't tbqh. I'll personally probably keep posting on both sites.
>Lefty pilot I gin aged
leftypol originated.
Sorry, on tablet right now
>Facebook memepages and twitters
Do we really want the normie cancer that would come from facebook and twitter tho?
please, god, no. Normalfag cancer is the absolute worst and has no place outside of its containment zones.
I think maintaining both sites will be best for growth.
I can agree with this. Keep the initial deal of Bunkerchan being the escape if things go bad, but /leftypol/ existing by its side, and make it clear that Bunkerchan is the escape route, should hotpocketing occur.

That being said, I think there are some things that need to be watched out for. Early on in Bunkerchan's history, it managed to become a congregation for some of the most autistic flagfags and tripfags of the board, who used it for nothing but to complain about /leftypol/, and that turned away a decent chunk of people from wanting to bother with it, including myself.
Fuck 8chan

Fuck /pol/

And fuck the revisionist scum that think we need either to be popular or relevant.
They help us with getting an audience, but they're also working against us, being a small board surrounded by boards and a staff that hates it. We're better off with having a new site to stay on, we already have bunkerchan and getchan, but still keeping /leftypol/ around for having bigger potential for getting new posters.
8ch almost rivaled 4chan at one point, and always ended up having its memes ripple to the outside(even /leftypol/ memes end up to non-imageboard using leftists), and it showed newfags that there is a leftist imageboard scene out there.
>8ch almost rivaled 4chan at one point
God, don't remind me. It's sad wondering what could have been, and seeing what we have now.
If bunkerchan will stay just the escape plan in case of emergency, it will be like this everytime:
- Few real leftist discussion threads
- But a shitload of complaint threads from people not used to the bunker ("muh yotsuba css", "muh inactive bunkerchan", ...)
You can change to Yotsuba now which is better. It's not quite as tidy but gets the job done.
Just sit and wait to see how things play out that's all
Open file (413.03 KB 906x362 elonmusk.png)
Being relatively new to /leftypol/, I was actually wondering how the fuck we still existed when there are literal nazis running the site and all big boards are /pol/ colonies or full of /pol/ crossposters.

It's really easy for them to fuck us over. We need to make it more clear that bunkerchan is our back-up, and make the layout suck less.
Migrating just makes us look like cowards and losers, do you really want to give them the satisfaction of saying "we bullied /leftypol/ off 8chan"?
Migration will be the death of the community.
The migrating community or the community to which the migration leads :^)?
>make the layout suck less

This is the big problem we have to deal with if the layout here was more similar to 8chan or cripplechan then maybe I wouldn't mind too much
The 8chan admins can and will delete us once we get too big. It's okay to stay but we need to improve our ties with bunkerchan.

I'd like the exact same layout as it's what I've gotten used to. The quick reply field is fucking huge.
>The 8chan admins can and will delete us once we get too big

What makes you say that?
The admins are pretty much moot-tier now.
Fuck off retard, the normalfaggot traffic has hit /leftypol/ badly and we should not repeat that mistake. "Imageboard culture" is a badly phrased term, but the general idea behind it is correct: people from facebook, reddit or whatever have a bad, even infantile mentality, which shows when it comes to interacting with trolling and baiting as evidenced by their complete inability of many people to properly counter the /pol/lack shitposts and the fact that even the stupidest fucking troll threads have been consistently getting butthurt or passive-agressive(read: butthurt and trying to hide it) replies even since we got overly popular.
From the practical perspective we simply do not need a promotion of /leftypol/ to the facebook or youtube randoms who immediately get triggered to death by a random /pol/lack while our hotpockets are asleep. Just look how the board took a nosedive after the dramas that got us a lot of exposition among other left-wing communities, we gained a lot of UIPs, but quality-wise we've largely lost.
4/pol/ already decided to try out "lel let's invite here everybody who agrees with us" and there's no excuse to commit such foolish mistake now that we can see how it turned out for them.
If you stick it on Yotsuba it's not as bad.
Open file (62.22 KB 594x397 1320358300684.png)
We're not migrating now!
We just need an emergency plan for when things go sour

Well, you know, fucking pick one.
Having actually used facebook et c, I can tell you not everyone from there is a liberal or a chad or whatever retardation you call them.
I don't care about trying to be influential through numbers, you guys seem to.
Well, the problem with that is you're going to get a lot of dumbfucks, as dumbfucks are 90% of the population.
What makes you think I didn't do that? It still sucks.
>people from facebook, reddit or whatever have a bad, even infantile mentality, which shows when it comes to interacting with trolling and baiting

nigga, /leftypol/ has had a serious problem with taking bait since it hit 50 members. It's nothing new, and redditors, despite being massive faggots, have little to do with it. Speaking from experience, I can say that bait replying has actually gone down, as there was a period for much of the board's history where at any given time, two thirds of the threads on board were bait and had multitudes the amount of replies of any legitimate thread.
Fair enough. It's a lot better than the default though. Needs some improvements though I agree. You can't nest replies which makes chains a little harder to read IMO and you're right about the quick reply being huge. Captcha for every post is annoying but if that needs to be there I can put up with it. Also no (You)s which is a bit shit.
>there was a period for much of the board's history where at any given time, two thirds of the threads on board were bait and had multitudes the amount of replies of any legitimate thread.
I remember those days, and it almost made me give up that a big leftist imageboard could exist, especially on 8chan.
I wouldn't be surprised if most of the people taking the /pol/yp bait weren't non-IB newfags, but other /pol/ shitposters baiting each other.
I actually would like to see some bloodletting

I remember and I hated it too, but recently I also started to see strange cases like a civilized /pol/lack coming to have an proper argument(rare cases, but it does happen after all) and many posts like
>you go under the wall
>fuck off nazi
popping up despite no hostility from OP, which is what worries me.
Truth be told; most newfriends to come to leftypol over the last few months was from facebook meme pages.
The mad cunt did it.
8ch source leak
Good. It should have been open source anyway.
At this point I just assume that my IP and everything I do is being tracked unless you're going through extreme measures to prevent it so it doesn't surprise me that 8chan has it.
>Sunshine was created by Hotwheels on October 9, 2015 after we discussed a way to make sure kids didn't get killed.
How is archiving threads supposed to keep kids from getting killed
The amount of nazifaggot larping in that thread is hilarious.
Open file (18.05 KB 300x300 1438682629047.png)
nazis brought this to themselves
Boards are comming up!
Leftypol should definitely be up by tomorrow.
I'm not even surprised at this point
Open file (318.80 KB 500x375 c02442fa6e77.png)
>some of the largest threads in /sudo/ are full of crying about /leftypol/

This is hilarious.
>reeeeee no one cares about leftypol!
>Constantly, constantly asshurt about leftypol

Open file (270.14 KB 1806x2382 smug grandma.jpg)
>We are even bigger of a boogeyman that 4/pol/ is on /qa/
This can only mean good things.
Moving will kill us. We've been able to build up a steady community over the past year and since we are the last bastion free of IdPol, we won't ever dive into the abyss r/socialism went.

I don't want some obscure board that is a circlejerk. /leftypol/ became big because of 8chan, not despite it. How fucking defeatist are you, getting yourself exiled just because the admin tried to troll you? If anything, this shows how butthurt they are and we should wear this incident as a badge of honor.
This tbh
But /pol/ isn't a boogeyman on /qa/, retard.
A while back an anon suggested flooding a couple of boards that are brought back, seeing as we are the third most popular board after all. That'd be my go to, because it makes absolutely no sense to cutoff such a large portion of your audience and just expect them to sit back and take it.
>not shitting up /sudo/ RIGHT NOW
You're gay
Not a fan of raids. They always lead to retaliation and an eventual war of attrition.
I miss when /qa/ was just 2D/Random Ota posters, but now the /mlpol/ shit caused 4/pol/ to shit their pants and take over /qa/ thinking that it's a '4chan complaints board' where people complain about them so now it's just a mess.
I want to kill all those retards trying to argue with shitposting on /sudo/
>be most hated board on 8ch for a very long time
>suddenly want to migrate just because the rest of 8ch is mean to us
was /pol/ right and reddit infiltrated our mods?
>one of the most popular boards
>literally the last to be restored
that's the joke
I recommend a compromise.

We should encourage movement to bunkerchan while also keeping a foothold on /leftypol/. Keep /leftypol/ as an embassy to 8chan and a place to engage with and educate /pol/acks, use bunkerchan for shitposting and making OC.

That means if there are ever problems on /leftypol/ in the future, we already have some kind of established community here, but at the same time we don't completely withdraw from 8chan and lose anyone not willing to come over.

It's possible this could just create two weaker boards though, I'm not 100% sure how it would pan out. It's also possible it would create a super comfy, quality board while continuing to draw away /pol/acks to us.
We need to work on a permanent home. Bunkerchan has been great, but it's clear that the problem is the human element.
8chan is clearly no longer our home. Bunkerchan will make for an excellent home, but what happens if it is hacked? Taken over by a corrupt moderator? DDOSed? Becomes too expensive to run and maintain?
Here's what I propose. A while back someone made a peer-to-peer open source forum board in python, called Aether. It features boards, anonymous posting, and no moderation. It has been abandoned for a while now.
I say we create a fork specifically designed for us. With a few minor visual tweaks and some security updates it could make a perfect permanent home.
Here's a link to the source code for any codefriends who want to have a look around.
We're not moving, we're just preparing this place to move if something worse happens

Splitting the userbase is bad

That sounds interesting but a p2p board may give a bad experience to most users, p2p stuff requires didicated users or else it becomes like i2p
I don't have the hardware to host a full scale website 24/7, but I have access to several servers which could run it as best as they can.
Hopefully if at least a few other anons would be able to, I think it could work.
>the rest of 8chan was mean to us
No, the rest of chan can do what it wants, but the admins from the site show clear resentment against /leftypol/ and its not unthinkable they will use their admin power to fuck us over at some point.
Like handing over all the logs they surreptitiously made to any cracker lawman that comes a callin
I say we should stay on 8chan as long as possible, but make our backup plan clear. Also, out backup should be /leftypol/, not here.
>our backup should be /leftypol/, not here.
what did he mean by this?
our backup plan is quite clear. Whoever can't into reading faq doesn't really deserve to come here.

probably >>>/leftypol/
This entire thing fucking sucks dick, if we ever start gaining a foothold in other boards, or approach /v/ and /pol/'s size, who's to say they won't just remove the board?
Yeah, I fear the same. I'm not saying we should dump leftypol, but we need a bunkerchan sticky so everyone knows where to go when shit hits the fan, and make bunkerchan more like /leftypol/
Thankfully we have both bunkerchan and getchan or we could always just start another board you know
says the guy with the facebook filename.
Honestly I don't think they would just delete an entire board for no reason. Just doesn't go along with the whole "last bastion of freeze peach" etc.
We should ask hiromoot to create a /left/ board tbh. If it's exposure we're looking for and less asshole site owners.

Hiromoot only cares about money, and the boards admins are as bad as 8chan.
Not to say Hiro is the last person you want if you want privacy.
But because he only cares about money is why this might work. He doesn't really have an agenda except making profit. If we can convince him that there is a big audience he can cater to with a /left/ board, he'll definitely consider making one
They already deleted boards, even if those were practically CP.
They can perfectly invent some excuse or falseflag something to delete /leftypol/ if we get too big and scary for them.
True, but remember he gets a lot of money from /pol/ newfags who don't adblock and buy passes.
My main issue is with Rapeape and the admins, after the modcat shit it's clear they are eating from /pol/'s, hand.
If he actually did it it would cause the biggest rectal ragnarok on the history of imageboards, though.
I don't think we need mod infiltration for it to become a problem. The fact of the matter is that the site owners do not like us and will at some point abuse their access to user info to dox us and fuck us over. Do not forget that this isn't an internet only thing. Violence will happen and when it does, people like us will be made easy targets for those hooligans. We must defend ourselves by practicing opsec. There's nothing wrong with building up support on imageboards, but we need to get the internet war out of our minds. Remember that the real world is what matters. Don't get lost here.
agreed, i'm honestly very happy this happened so I have an excuse to abandon 8chan. I'd be open to this suggestion >>3221 but idk how it would be possible to convince hiro
If we're going to abandon 8ch, we need something better than just a politics board to attract new potential socialists. Actually, sticking with 8ch a bit longer isn't too bad, because it seems the more /pol/ rages against us, the stronger we get. All their users are idiots, and every time they do something stupid, the rational people take our side. They have to resort to shit like false-flagging to get any kind of condemnation for us.
8ch has ads too right? (I dunoo because I use ad blockers n' shit)
By being there we are basically helping the despicable admins of that shithole, HotWheels was cool and really was just all about free speech but Jim and codemonkey are fucking tards that have being caught doing shady stuff like storing IPs and posts god knows why, they also closed the source code for 8ch because reasons. So maybe the best thing to do would be to migrate somewhere even if it means that we are going to bleed hundreds of users, at least we won't be helping those retards no more.
What exactly was wrong with infinitynext? Was the whole structure wrong, or could it be salvaged?
Josh neglected caching from the very beginning of the project.

The end result was a software that couldn`t support enough users and couldn`t be optimized either.
Well, that sucks. Although I do like the idea of a distributed imageboard. It wouldn't do any harm to have a backup in i2p, however.
Lads, /leftypol/ is now back up.
>They can perfectly invent some excuse or falseflag something to delete /leftypol/ if we get too big and scary for them.
Both of these are pretty important posts.
People on /pol/ already have some schizo-tier conspiracy theory about how /leftypol/ is only top 3 because of bots, not to mention years of raids being pinned on us. They will come up with crazier shit, and we will have to deal them. Just stay vigilant.
do you know what the exploit was?


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