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/Rojava/ general thread Comrade 04/03/2017 (Mon) 18:13:26 Id: 0f8c81 [Preview] No. 2898
QT kurd edition

Now that Leftypol is down at seventh place in being revived; It'd be a good idea to get comfy and revive some old threads.

Zio-imperialists welcome, buttmad LeftComs need not apply.
Open file (224.30 KB 1200x800 C8fuLP8XcAAr1vo.jpg)
>SDF/YPG: 245 fighters from DeirEzZor area finished their training
I think Trump's "I'm gonna bomb the shit outta ISIS" approach is actually going to harm the SDF in the long term.
If you're a citizen under ISIS and your family gets blown up by a coalition airstrike then you're bound to join up and become a jihadi. Where as planned and well coordinated airstikes get the job done with fewer collateral damage.
I mean the coalition just used white phosphorous in Syria; how do you think that reflects on the SDF?
>implying perpetual war is not tRumps strategy

ISIS is the best thing to happen to America. So long as they exist, Trump can give Amerifats jobs in the MIC and suppress any kind of internationalist left with spooky mooslums scare tactics (occasionally reinforced by actual spooky mooslums). Amerifats don't even die in these conflicts since all they do is bomb people with drones.
What do you guys make of this? This guy apparently fought in Rojava.


Are the IFB really just sitting in the rear only showing up at the end of battles to take selfies? Are they essentially just war tourists?
It's Phil Greaves falseflagging on one of his many accounts.
Pill me on this
Phil is a twitter tankie who thinks Rojava is a zio-imperialist plot to destroy the glorious Assad regime. He's a great source of entertainment.
Assad is socialist but Rojava isn't.
Weird how this guy constantly shits on the IFB for not doing much fighting and for caring more abut selfies than shooting at da'esh,
yet PigPiss and the BCB both have have documented instances when they have come very close to the enemy and almost dying.
The guy just seems really butthurt that other members of the IFB are getting some sort of fame through an online presence.
>butthurt about selfies
Isn't that part of the point of the IFB? To draw attention online and off to the struggle?


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