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Open file (17.63 KB 523x192 leftypol is kill.png)
Comrade 04/03/2017 (Mon) 17:41:18 Id: f05280 [Preview] No. 2882
>leftypol is being bought back last
>when we were one of the biggest boards
>cripplechan admins hate us this much and are clearly doing this out of spite

It would be a shame if some red commie bastards were to post on /v/ and /b/...
And you're perfectly falling for their attempt to make you mad.
This, OP can't into not giving a fuck
I'm more mad that NOTHING IS STILL UP.
We ought to setup bots like the FBI did with the Stormfront BUGs for /pol/. Start spreading our rhetoric their way.
I am surprised they're bringing it back at all.
I actually did expect it to not be brought back just to please the newfags from /pol/.
At least Bunkerchan got some traction,a whole 10 new IDs I imagine.
Better than nothing I suppose. Not quite as clean to use as 8 but gets the job done.
Even worse is they pooled us in with /pone/, /fur/ and /furry/
>I actually did expect it to not be brought back just to please the newfags from /pol/.
I don't really see why would they go as far as nuking one board to please the other. I mean, they just put /leftypol/ with those three to piss off oversensitive sissies like OP.

shit taste
Furry is up but a lot of boards above it aren't. Don't even think they're obeying the order.
The asshurt is more from the delay than from the association tbh. And even though it's an obvious joke it shouldn't stop us from shitting up one of the main boards in the interim.
Hear me out here...

What IF!!! they did all this just to make leftypol's popularity drop???

I mean, we were No 4 and rising!
That is definitely possible because they would get a considerable amount of backlash from removing us completely and they might still get it, but if they just put it onto the end as a last priority they could technically fuck us other very sneakily without much notice by basically making it so that every other board gets a chance, but we end obscure because they decided to put such a low priority on us that it gives everyone else a chance to rise above us before we can gain our numbers again. That is if we can gain those numbers.
gainning the numbers should not be an issue, previews downtimes have not affected us that much
My consipracy theory is about their intent.

I have full faith on the population of leftypol.
>is about their intent
Pissing off autists like you who get offended at it even despite everybody with triple digit IQ seeing it was just a small prank?
Open file (37.24 KB 540x377 heh heh.jpg)
I pretty much revel in the fact that we're hated
Being a dickheads cool
That's why you'll go to gulag.
Cause it'll be a Prank.

Anyway, I enjoy their hate. Let them show their true face. Let them not be able to defend against anything but the stereotypes they so much like...
Open file (71.89 KB 300x100 leftypol banner.png)

Their spite is delicious. It actually just goes to show how butthurt they are over us.

Not surprising, considering that when rightwingers come to /leftypol/ they get BTFO badly.
>"We well Redpill leftypol"
>Gets BTFO by facts
>You leftists can't debate
Well, 4chan already merged /pol/ with /mlp/ for this year's April Fools. They're probably imitating their daddies as usual.
Let's see if they have anything to say.
Maybe I'll just quote some random fron twatter
>I was about to complain on how the 4th most popular board is being recovered last. But then I saw all the butthurt and no it's fine.
So being upset is the last thing one should do
Open file (12.66 KB 308x396 combatientes11.jpg)
>All that sage
>all that teenage tier "banter"
Found this and cringed.
I feel like we should stay here ultimately because bunkerchan can improve and 8chan can't
This is just defeatism you can improve this board while not giving up on 8chan
Anyone going back to Kripplekikechan after this fucking fiasco is retarded. I'm done with that shit tier site forever, this was the last time they fuck up our communities with their incompetence.

t. /pol/ack
What's next for you then? Where will you go?
I wonder what kikewheels thinks of all this.
No where, stay out of anyone's view and let leftism on 8chan die, of course
Open file (285.79 KB 719x1007 1491173907251-1.jpg)
Open file (285.79 KB 719x1007 1491173907251-1.jpg)

Look at this fucking faggot being a cuck and sucking the dick of the hacker that destroyed 8ch. Even moot at the height of his luggage lad faggotry wasn't this pathetic.


Certainly not here, the shit tier captcha alone is enough to make me GTFO.
>Certainly not here, the shit tier captcha alone is enough to make me GTFO.

The captcha is below eye cancer tier, and I hope the mods notice. Worse yet is that it doesn't seem to show significant difference between 0 and O
Open file (20.64 KB 250x359 1401055862369.jpg)
>those pics
may as well handle the whole site to him.
What a bunch of limpdicked admins.
I've been shilling communism on /sudo/ the whole day and good lord the amount of butthurt is far beyond my sweetest dreams.
Open file (146.30 KB 287x428 n53o93zbpc1sp5ay7.jpg)
This is like if you got mugged and then went with the guy who robbed you and said "Damn you're really good at mugging, please have more of my money"
Ive seen some of them trying to pin the hack on /leftypol/
I think this is more of a "I-I'm no angry at all, I'm actually amused" shit.
>hasn't read a book since idiot lib teachers tried to get them past a 3rd grade reading comprehension level
>shows up to board that has a rather literate posting population
>spews bullshit fed to them from "muh unbiased sources"
>gets mad when it turns out they're the real cucks/retards
>goes back to jerking off to Alex Jones and Saargon of Akkad videos and posting in their safe spaces
This is some real red scare shit
They're pinning the hack on everybody, not to mention those hilarious shitposts by /int*/ that make even more ruckus. Damn, I've almost forgotten why I love chan drama.
For how unimportant they claim us to be we really are /pol/s boogieman.
That feels great TBH
There are posts right now claiming that we've infiltrated /pol/ (with help of jews, of course) to draw people away from their autism. This is hilarious
Getting real, if we had the modship of /pol/ what will we do? Doing nothing seems to be terrifying enough for them
>if we had the modship of /pol/
Da, tovarish, "if."
>getting upset about this instead of reveling in the amount of butthurt our mere existence causes them
You're a retard.
Open file (6.52 KB 246x370 Untitled.png)
Kill me
>using the situation to kick us off the site

Fuck them, we won't lose against these faggots, once the board is up we'll go back full fucking force.
Don't get caught in Internet wars comrade
This. There is a thread on /pol/ right now that says:
>those fuckers (us) will never regain their userbase. Plus they were botting active users to get higher on the frontpage so this is justifiable

Link to thread:
They are right. This will tank our userbase and we'll be back to #10. There is no benefit for us to go to a site that openly despises us and will fuck us over at any opportunity, you are a retard for this "we'll prove them wrong" bullshit
>Plus they were botting active users to get higher on the frontpage
/pol/ being /pol.
Can't go one sentence without a dose of paranoia/schizophrenia.
Guess they gotta maintain their safespace. It wouldn't surprise me if they use this as an excuse to get rid of boards they had a bizarre personal vendetta against (like /fur/ or /pone/, despite keeping to themselves), or user made boards entirely.

Also why is this board so fucking slow? Did a large majority of /leftypol/ really not know about this place or what? I can't imagine anyone who frequented the board would bother with the rest of the site if it's filled with 100% polyps in every thread bitching about blacks/j00s being in cartoons or vidya. At that point it's no better than halfchan. Even if we abandon 8chan entirely I hope we'll migrate somewhere (this place kinda sucks), no way in fuck am I dealing with reddit /r/socialism cancer. I'm so used to chan culture it's kinda hard to have actual discourse on regular social media where users aren't anonymous and cause all sorts of fucking drama.
More proof that the aut-right and liberals are the same, in that they cannot handle opposing opinions.
Don't forget the lack of self-awareness when these retards are constantly shilling over Reddit and Twitter.

>At that point it's no better than halfchan.
There's people that honestly thought 8chan was at any point better than 4chan?
Agreed. I just want some chan style discourse with my lefty pals. Don't care where
/leftypol/ is back online at 8ch.
Read-only mode though.
Open file (23.15 KB 392x395 1487002331319.jpg)
Welp back to the ol' grind.
Nope, it's back for real.
Oh shit, guess the guns can go silent on the /sudo/ front.
Open file (80.73 KB 1218x600 stay_at_the_bunker.png)
Fuck cripplechan, I'll stay here.
Been using halfchan's /r9k/ a bit. there's some leftists there believe it or not


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