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St. Petersburg Bombing Comrade 04/03/2017 (Mon) 16:58:17 Id: 36ba3f [Preview] No. 2865
is it possible that this was staged in order to distract from the recent anti-corruption protests in Russia?
You think Putin would do that? Just kill someone people in order to profit?
obviously but there needs to be more evidence for it to be taken seriously.


it seems people thing it was a terrorist attack committed by Chechen, an Islamic group in Southern Russia who bombed a Moscow subway in 2010, but no one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. also, no explanation was given to why the uncaptured suspect caught on camera was considered a suspect. its still to early but considering the recent climate in Russia it pays to be suspicious. all of the news of the Russian protests has practically been drowned in the past 24 hours by news on the St. Petersburg bombing.
Do you think Putin need that? Killing people for distraction from something he can simply ignore? How do you think that bourgeois democracy work?


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