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Open file (58.04 KB 500x249 please papers.jpg)
/leftypol/ immigration processing thread Comrade 04/03/2017 (Mon) 02:12:32 Id: b1cf5b [Preview] No. 2732
Just temporary fam. Sorry but this site's interface is too annoying, and I have other things to talk about besides just leftist politics.

Judging from the complete lack of activity on endchan however, it seems everyone else on 8ch threw their principles the fuck away and went back to be datamined by Hiroyuki on 4chan. Very disappointing.

papers please
Uh, I wasn't told I needed any papers.
But... but I'd really like to post! I have a lot of dialectics I'd like to discuss! Please!
Open file (36.52 KB 365x395 horny grinning girl.png)
>Sorry but this site's interface is too annoying,
It's just like every other imageboard ever
Please leave your suggestions in the meta board >>>/gulag/

Your feedback will be appreciated and used to improve the site, so it may be more usable and enjoyable in the future in case 8chan goes even further down the path of hating /leftypol/.
Since I'm mostly on my phone while reading threads, yes, it's annoying as fuck. I'd rather move to to cuckchan and try to get a leftist presence there instead of this clunky shit.

Gotta admit, 8chan was the most userfriendly imageboard with a really comfy layout
How is the interface annoying?
first of all this css template is shit
it's like a fucking rainbow
choose 2 main colors that contrast each other and mainly use them
good example of dark grey - grey - orange color palette is this site
The interface looks like if the USSR didn't fall and established a Internet presence in the 90s
Litterally nothing wrong that
I would read those kind of Usenet threads
Seriously, this meme has to stop. Lynxchan looks different, but definitly better than infinity (maybe infinity next looked a bit more modern, but we all know how that worked out). And I think besides a few points which have to be worked out the usability is the same.
Have at least a look at really fucked up, outdated imageboards like fucking kc.
literal lol
>I'd rather move to to cuckchan and try to get a leftist presence
I dunno fam. I'm currently staring at a thread about They Live and I'm trying to muster up the motivation to counter /pol/intelpro but I just can't help but see it as futile. The amount of bullshit you have to wade through before you can even get to a reasonable conversation is disheartening.
Just speculating: Do you think there will be an opportunity for a 4/lefttpol/ in the future?
Open file (10.14 KB 250x189 jorji.png)
Ok! Here we go! Glory to Bunkerchan! The greatest website!
nice homestuck image

papers, please
Basically never. /pol/ is just so big over there they would just flood it.
Hiro doesn't care, rapeape is a /pol/yp, and after the modcat fiasco is clear the hotpockets are eating from /pol/'s hand.
At this point I feel like /pol/ is going to stagnate imageboards into irrelevance, kinda like what happened to Something Awful.
Another refugee here, as far as I can tell the interface is about on-par with lainchan.
I'd personally make some changes to the colours, tone them down to be less obnoxious and make the flow of threads easier to grok, but thats just me.
>the modcat fiasco
I've heard he was fired, but what exactly happened and how is /pol/ related to it?
I though that 4chan is a lot less /pol/cucked than 8chan.
i think with only 30 posters we can, not flow, but trigger enough /pol/acks to drive out all of the worst elements of 4/pol/ outside
as long as the mod don`t do anything.
Requesting entry into Bunker chan to escape right-wing terrorists on lefty pol.
Open file (350.14 KB 1380x2654 modcat.png)
Modcat gives a warning to a /pol/yp on /qa/ for the fire safety bullshit, /pol/ gets triggered, modcat gets fired.
Modcat was practically the only mod /a/ loved, or used to, 4chan is so poluted with /pol/ newfags they probably gaslighted it to hell.
That whole debacle and the sheer hypocrisy of /pol/ was what made me stop visiting 4chan completely.
It'd be like pissing in a sea of piss. The daily communist generals have been going on consistently for months now but don't seem to be making any real impact, if anything its becoming kind of a lolcow meme. Forcing them to do anything would be construed as an attempt to convert them and therefore will be shitposted to death.

Imo sticking to powerbases like these is the best, one up them on the counter culture aspect and leech in more and more people slowly.
>i think with only 30 posters we can, not flow, but trigger enough /pol/acks to drive out all of the worst elements of 4/pol/ outside
You should stop projecting some kind of oversensivity and severe political devotion on people who would only care about pissing off as many people with sticks up their asses as possible.
I swear you people have never interacted with real-deal shitposting and trolling, because I have no other explanation for such clueless ideas popping out.
Hiro only cares about ad money and most /pol/es do not even have adblock
He will bend over to advertisers money as long /pol/ keeps bringing dumb phoneposters
babers blease
> projecting
Lol these are the people who get butthurt whenever a popular piece of media features a minority as a lead character. They're literally right-wing sjws, with all the connotations that label implies.
Open file (5.93 KB 224x224 url.jpg)
Am i in the right place?
>implying hotwheels is not datamining us
We just learned he keeps a record of IP addresses and posts.


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