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Open file (74.94 KB 407x309 35763567.png)
/Leftypol/ Refugees Comrade 04/02/2017 (Sun) 08:35:22 Id: 53500a [Preview] No. 2639
Heyo, i'm from /leftypol/

That dumb April fools "site being down" meme is annoying.

You guys cool with me hanging out here until its back up?
Why not beyond that?
Different guy any backup to leftpol should be run by the leftpol board owner tbh.
but any*
also captcha for every post is cancer
There is >>>/leftypol/ which is owned by the cripplechan /leftypol/ owner.
get cucked, ultraleftists
pepe on alynia action fuck yeah!
make her enjoy it please
Holy fuck, where is everyone? I thought more people would come here if 8ch got nuked.
They've probably gone back to reddit.
2bh, it's Sunday. People are probably out, talking a walk, enjoying life, etc.
Open file (91.95 KB 1060x404 fugg.jpg)
>I'm spending my day off work complaining on bunkerchan.

Open file (375.72 KB 727x693 bordiga comfy.png)
Open file (580.32 KB 863x1200 1483211153487.jpg)
>after /leftypol/ goes back up everybody will simply return there
>including all those redditards
I want to get off this ride.
Solution is simple, just use bunkerchan.
Bunkerchans just oldfags anyway.
Open file (147.77 KB 500x679 4724569.png)
What do you mean?
Well I just woke up
So the Euros are prob out doing stuff...
Wasn't that reddit stuff just a meme?
We hate Reddit on /Leftypol/
>What do you mean?
Sorry, I meant "why don't you just hang out here even after leftypol is back working?".
>We hate Reddit on /Leftypol/
There are indeed many native chan users(me included) on /leftypol/, but on the other hand there are so many normalfags who so both unfunny(facebook "memes" inb4 zeitgeist) and stupid(somebody will respond seriously to any given shitpost by a /pol/lack) it get nauseating at times. I knew getting that big would end like that, but it's still a bit painful.
I'm mostly a 4cuck, but came here as a 8ch/hwndu refugee, so I'm guessing I'm dubly not welcome here
satan self get
satan self get
I get so bored of the 9gag/reddit/tumblr/twitter/etc hate because I don't use any of those platforms and their problems seem to all stem from structural issues(nature of posts and replies) so it could never really extend to chans.

I don't get being so obsessively hateful towards a community you don't interact with and always assumed that those who bring it up must be from this communities angry at their own.
April 1st is over 8chan you can stop sucking
how does formatting work on this site?

Three replies at once. I'm impressed, bunkerchan.
I get baited by /pol/ everytime and I found this place via 4/pol/ (although I have never really been a /pol/ack). Just saying.
I'm spending my work hours on left... Bunkerchan.

when not working I just play vidya
Open file (122.15 KB 500x558 3568355.png)
Okay, 8chan has been down for days now

This joke isn't funny anymore, shameful self bump...

Whats going on?

I might have to hang out here, I have nothing left :c
Fucking dead. Sudo and wooo still isn't bloody up.
And to top it off This is day 3
Icing on the cake
Last update was 7 FUCKING HOURS ago.
Open file (63.58 KB 976x600 1475415614044.png)
We'll always have each other

Theme song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFnOfpIJL0M
did people unironically think it was an AFs joke?
with 8chans track record of being shit on top of all?

Quick question; Are people from Leftypol mostly coming to Bunkerchan or are they going anywhere else?
Where else is there to go?
n1x's 0chan as well as GETchan.
That place is filled to the brim with /pol/yps and raiders also I don't think the board has any moderation at all. So it's probably not the best to move their yet.
It's also down as well
It's working fine for me.
This place is pretty comfy to be honest. Might hang out here a little more often. Doesn't seem to move fast enough to exclusively use but might pop in often.
Open file (45.71 KB 303x292 42755.png)
Okay /Leftypol/ is back up.


Thanks for letting me chill here Bunkerchan!
I had freed up so much of my spare time when leftypol went down. Welp, time to say goodbye to my healthy sleeping pattern, knew you well.
Don't worry guys...

Hehe, I got banned from /Leftypol/ this time...
Glad to know I'm not the only one who feeds off a constant flow of shitposting.


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