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Open file (14.11 KB 737x206 8chan.png)
Comrade 04/01/2017 (Sat) 11:51:58 Id: 0564c7 [Preview] No. 2477
Does anyone know what's up with 8chan? I can't seem to access /leftypol/. I get that this might be an April Fool's joke or something, but I'm still worried.
Its down for me too
>I get that this might be an April Fool's joke or something
highly unlikely
advertisers aren't gonna tolerate this
image boards are a business now

anyway, I hope attacker knew what he was doing and left time bombs
What's a timebomb? I suck at computers.
Something that is inserted into code that will trigger malicious behaviour when conditions or time passed is met. Like after a month it purges the whole site.
And nothing of value was lost.

The 8chan Twitter only has a vague message of the same thing.
So who do you think was the objective of this attack? On one hand, it is pretty obvious why someone would hack /pol/. Yet is leftypol also not a threat to the bourgies for pushing back against identity socialism? In any case, it is apparent from the lack of activity on this board that our backup plans were not disseminated to the new population very well.
>our backup plans were not disseminated to the new population very well
I don't feel particularly bad about this
When I checked earlier leftypol was still down but pol was up. Has that changed
Well, they did say they were going to restore the important boards first.
Still busy archiving our threads?
You can't post there anyways, so that's hardly a restoration.
Open file (169.60 KB 882x799 image.jpg)
>our backup plans were not disseminated to the new population very well.
you are telling this as is it was bad thing. hopefully most redditors won't come back
A lot of political insiders admit that at minimum, /pol/ "changed the tone" of the 2016 election, and we're making it cool to be nationalist and cool to be white again. It wasn't going to happen through newspapers or television or radio; that shit's all owned and financed by jews. It's happening because of imageboards. We're still building momentum but who under the age of 60 still turns to corporate television for their news?
I think I've become addicted to angry, incoherent arguments though. This feels boring by comparison
>A lot of political insiders admit
>People are saying, so many people>>2507
OK RECAP what the fuck has happened since 8am GMT this morning. Leftypol is kill?
>“Those message boards matter,” said Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters for America, an advocacy group founded by Clinton ally David Brock.
Most of 8chan is down to some degree. Seems like a targeted attack but it's hard to tell for sure
Oh so NOW Clinton's cronies aren't out of touch weirdos. Gotcha. And here I was thinking they lost partially through being so out of touch that they spent a not insignificant amount of time whinging over a cartoon frog.
somebody nuked 8ch, whole site is down. We have no more info, there are two threads about this in catalog here.
They weren't wrong about the power of the Frog God, it's just that it's impossible for them to attack it without looking insane. There's no doubting that they are indeed out of touch weirdos. But how do you fight an imageboard? It's a cultural battle rather than a political one, and the Clinton cadre is hopelessly lacking in meaningful culture, so they have no identities or values they can evoke in order to push back against the identities and values of ethnonationalism.

This, too, is the problem of the communists. For all their high and mighty talk in Communism a man is reduced to nothing but a set of economic inputs and outputs. It's why it's an inherently atheistic political philosophy. Religion costs too much money. Upkeep of historical churches; paying priests who provide no tangible product; all of this is anathema to a world-view that wants to measure everything only in terms of profit - or putting it into commmunist terminology, surplus.
Open file (383.54 KB 641x720 karen.png)
Also does anyone have a directline to che? He still has his bunkerchan account.
>in [Communism; a man is reduced to nothing but a set of economic inputs and outputs and everything is measured only in profits
Thank god we don't have anything like that now
>confirmed for not having read Marx
What else did I expect from a /pol/yp? Cant you at least, if you have to come to the bunker, base your arguments on something different than the stereotypes porkies propaganda is pushing and actually read the ideology you are critizising?
You can't have a revolution with three people. Fucking sectarians.
Just post this site on typical leftypol channels tbh
If that's wrong, couldn't you simply explain why it is wrong instead of resorting to ad hominem?
I think the belief that an imageboard might cause a mass uprising of the population that will result in the overthrowing of the current system is a bit too far-fetched
The trouble is most of you don't know what a collateralized debt obligation is; you don't structurally understand high finance. And to some extent that's fine - I'm more "gifted amateur" than expert. But that's why you see illusions of porky everywhere, instead of seeing who it really is - the jews. All of these exotic financial instruments exist to obfuscate the plain fact that the global economy is in shambles because the jews print money and hand it to themselves. A trillion, ten trillion, a hundred trillion - it's all just a game of numbers to them and they don't actually understand anything about how an economy actually functions. Price in a market economy is supposed to be a signalling mechanism. The purpose of a market price isn't to keep the poor from eating, it's to reflect economic inputs and market demand, but that relationship gets fundamentally destroyed when a certain set of (((market participants))) can just invent numbers and bid up prices against the rest of the market with infinity dollars they handed to themselves for free.

It's funny, because I think NatSoc/commies are fundamentally seeing the same problems. But the lens you use to look is going to determine what you see. I think you're looking at the same set of issues through a clouded glass, because you don't acknowledge the racial component despite 43% of the 1% having a (((certain feature))) in common.
Shouldn't you be concerned about the most pro-Israel president ever taking office and flooding the executive with the most uber zionist figures of all time? Or is this the point where you pretend that doesn't count?

See, you'll understand if you guys talking a big talk about "international jewry" while constantly fellating the only jewish state in existence makes us not take you very seriously.
You know /pol/ is constantly being hit by jewish shills, right? Personally I think it's too early to tell with Trump. We're going to have to wait for the next big banking crisis, which is long overdue, to really get a clear picture on where he's coming from. If he tries to bank out the international jews bankers again I think shit is going to well and truly meet the fan. That'll be the day people decide whether to go commie or go fascist, and given a large number of factors, I think they're going to choose fascism instead of communism. Or who knows! Maybe Trump will actually start crucifying jews bankers in the streets. A man can dream.
Your entire thesis is that /pol/ is both instrumental to Trump's victory and the dissemination of your worldview. If /pol/ is so infested with jewish shills then premise 1 might be right but certainly not premise 2.

And that's ignoring that unironically worshipping kuk/kek is pretty pagan and non-white.
>I think you're looking at the same set of issues through a clouded glass, because you don't acknowledge the racial component despite 43% of the 1% having a (((certain feature))) in common.
I could make a mirror claim as well, as for example, by saying
>The purpose of a market price isn't to keep the poor from eating, it's to reflect economic inputs and market demand, but that relationship gets fundamentally destroyed when a certain set of (((market participants))) can just invent numbers and bid up prices against the rest of the market with infinity dollars they handed to themselves for free.
You implied the undesirable fluctuations and breakdowns of the market are not something that is built into system, but rather something that happens because capitalists of (((one ethnicity))) ruin everything, thus implying the other ethnic groups never take part in such malversations for their economic self-interest and therefore the markets would stop cyclically shitting themselves the moment we gassed all jewish capitalists.
I don't think the ancient egyptians are black, but certainly you don't believe that they were white anglo-saxons?

Also, you seem umfamiliar with the meaning of the word pagan. The literal definition implies a worship of a non-mainstream, specifically non-monotheistic religion. So if hinduism was a smaller religion it would certainly fall under that umbrella. And most of the people that follow Christianity globally are white. That is unambiguously the whitest represented religion in the world.
I'm too lazy and tired to give him a abstract of https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1844/manuscripts/comm.htm tbh, where he could find the actual marxist image of humanity.
Seeing him raging inside his antisemite filterbubble gives me the feeling that such effort would be wasted anyway.
So, how come pol is back up and fine and the 4th most popular board isn't?

So much for freez peach?

Also, when is the template and interface of bunkerchan gonna become more user friendly?

And why do I have to enter captch every time?
Not only /pol/, but also /v/ and /b/(the top three on 8chan). Besides, they're not back up, but rather "back up", since you can't post anything anyways.
So much for the tolerant right!
/pol/ forefathers are ethnic-nationalist, Trump is civic-nationalist. The reason why they elected Trump wasn't because of his politics, but because he was optimistically thought of as a racist.

I understand what you wanted to prove. It doesn't change that social-identity is all important, and in a society where nothing but labour identity is important, you're defined by the fact that you work. How is that any different from porky's world of today, with the exception that in communism we can at least get rid of being envious? >>2516 Is not wrong as long as you understand that the input is much more generalized.
>point 1
Depends when it was created. Codemonkey is probably putting boards back up sequentially Codemonkey also browses leftypol.

>point 2
its already user friendly

>point 4
To stop automated spam. there is a bot that posts about viagra and captcha on seems to stop it.
The unambiguously whitest represented religion in the world is atheism.
>its already user friendly
Lada best Car.
Lada no need improving.
Lada greatest car for ever.
With the majority of the chinese people being atheists, this is a bold assumption
>>>/gulag/436 for sugestions
>And why do I have to enter captch every time?
bunker captcha is one of the easiest ever

what bothers me is that tor users can't post pictures
at least you could fool 8ch by rotating end relay until you find one that 8ch don't know about
doesn't seem to work here
Just because you are used to ride a bicycle, a car isn't by default too hard to handle for anyone.
I think it's too much hassle to remove the cp that would inevitable pop up every hour.
>Lada best Car
for its price and cheap spare parts
Just like bunkerchan.
No, white countries are actually very religious while many non-white countries are majority atheist/agnostic, specifically in Asia. Secondly, atheism isn't a religion.
> atheism isn't a religion.

Being obsesed over proving to everyone that your view on the universe and mankind is the right one, somehow isn't a religion.
Where do you live that atheists around you do so? The relation of getting annoyed by Jehovas Witnesses, muslims, protestants, catholics and hare krishnas compared to atheists is overwhelming.
>Jehovas Witnesses
kek, had a "pleasure" to meet them
most weird bunch ever, and I've seen a fucking baptists here
also their pamphlets with creepy smiling faces...
Open file (41.32 KB 369x480 our_lord_cthulhu.jpg)
Are baptists these strange guys with name badges on their suits? I see these people every now and then, but they never bothered me...
Well, since we all live on the inernets...
Also, Jahova's pamphlets are far more entertaining than anything atheists create.
But stifling any other religion is beneficial. Since 1982 constituion there's been an ongoing religious resurrection in China that only keeps growing. Some articles even state that a good majority practice folk religion, though sources vary.
http: //www.pacilution.com/ShowArticle.asp?ArticleID=4867
There's a difference between choosing Atheism, and having Atheism chosen for you before reverting back once given the opportunity.
Because in other societies, were you are maimed or baptized shortly after birth and raised by religious people, you chose your religion?
I got babtized when I was a baby, like ever orthodox christian is.

I was even going to church an so on.

And then I became 14, and the new priest was a bourgie faggot and slowly but steadily I said "the church is BS, I don't give a fuck, it's just a social construct for people to gather anyway".

And I still don't identify as an "atheist" or "Agnostic" or whatever.

According to state records am Christian Orthodox. According to me am nothing.

According to my internet persona am a leftist satanist, cause everyone is an atheist and I wanted to be edgy
Otherwise why do white countries become increasingly atheistic with every generation, while China becomes increasingly religious?
I guess it would be more accurate to say that agnosticism isn't religion while the kind of harris/hitchens/dawkins atheism in particular certainly behaves like a religion in many ways. But my reference is more to the former than the latter. You mistake me if you think I'm taking a nu-atheist stance
>It's a cultural battle rather than a political one, and the Clinton cadre is hopelessly lacking in meaningful culture, so they have no identities or values they can evoke in order to push back against the identities and values of ethnonationalism.
>implying that ethnonationalism isn't also supported by left wing sjws
Don't know if already discussed, but the hackers were likely /pol/fags. /a/ redirects to Youjo Senki thread, /leftypol/ is gone, and /pol/ is the only unaffected board.
You still can't post on /pol/ atm. Btw I was redirected to a thread on /loli/ from /a/.
It's more likely that it was just a prank directed to the whole of 8chan.
>It's a prank
I don't think so. If it was a prank they wouldn't try and kill their userbase like this.
I guess I didn't use the right word but you still get my point.
Imo christians who require baptization at birth in non-effective bullshit.
I'm thinking about getting baptized soon, it's really interesting ritual where you commit rest of your life towards one, single goal.
/b/ and /pol/ are stored on different servers than the rest of the boards, if I recall correctly.
Could be a halfchan thing
Looks to me to be due to alacrity 8ch's caching layer is still up but the actual server is still down so its 403, 404ing and only showing loli

The big boards have dedicated servers while the tiny boards share servers.
It's water.
And oil.
And a lot of PURE IDEOLOGY.
it's good to have people here again

this site is more comfy than 8chan
I'm a /leftypol/ mod and I don't want to alarm anyone, but the mod team and I have not been able to get in touch with him/her. Basically we're just waiting for che to log into the encrypted chat platform that we use and that hasn't happened yet.
>The hacker deleted all the databases
Can someone upload /leftypol/'s books, that were in reading thread? I lost everything and when i decided to download 8chan was down.

I also need literature from the "right to not work" thread.
Open file (59.20 KB 415x476 zizek copy.jpg)
This fucking sucks
>Hacker downloaded the 8chan source code, so probably 8chan will become "open source" again sometime in the next few days.
top fucking kek
I'm gonna miss the Rojava thread. It was honestly the best thread on the entire board.
I know he had an email address, have you tried that?
From the 8ch homepage

>We will be making and releasing security patches for anybody else running infinity or tinyboard code.

HOLY SHIT THIS EXPLOUT IS IN THE ORIGINAL SOFTWARE. Meaning every vichan instance is pozzed
Talking about security, wasn't the 8chan software leaking IP's anyway?
Man Hitler sure did nothing wrong
Is this our new home, then?
8chan created the worst april fools day joke ever
Open file (526.49 KB 625x428 confession.PNG)
this website is inactive and ugly, I really don't want this to replace /leftypol/
You are inactive an ugly
Open file (276.49 KB 500x377 coolkid.png)
Good one, my man.
I told you it's not user friendly people!

Change the template first of all!
>still using TOR
>even after the CIA admitted they use it to monitor people
How about having captcha once per day or something?

>user friendly
Everything looks like a Shadow the Hedgehog paintjob.
>/pol/, /v/ and /b/ are all up
>/leftypol/ still isn't
yee, no bias at all
So this is our new home now?
Did all our comrades made it?
This, the current colour palette is literally worse than Hitler.
Well, they are read only... but still... Returning the 3 biggest and not the 4th...

It's not like they are what 8chan is all about or anything...
You can't post on them, they are not really up
>Last update was 12hrs ago
>Leftypol is still not updated
Press cyrlic f to pay respects
Open file (53.52 KB 584x232 c.PNG)
what did he mean by this
rip in pepperon che
yeah but really though it needs to chnage. This place looks like a minecraft forum
Is it possible to post webms here?
Maybe it would be better if /leftypol/ never come back.
The planet is doomed no matter what, people are stupid as fuck, porkies will always gonna porky, nothing really matters.
The only difference between /leftypol/ and other "leftist" places online and IRL it's the anti idpol stuff, but if you stop and think about it you'll realize that idpol only became the huge behemoth it is right now because the "left" was accessary to it to the point where idpol have become and indistinguishable part of the "left". /leftypol/ it's just a small drop in an ocean of piss and poo, it doesn't have the power to change anything, it doesn't matter how "correct" its message is it will never change anything, /leftypol/ is like the only sane person in an inescapable asylum and the most humane thing to do would be to put it to rest.
My only hope is I get to have a couple of decade of fun left at least.
"Nah, we're always gonna be slaves", said Spartakus and did nothing.
You may as well kill yourself if you really believe this. If you're quick to judge humanity collectively off the current society we live in, and that nothing will ever get better; then there's really no point in living anymore.
>If you're quick to judge humanity collectively off the current society we live in
Was there ever a time where things weren't shit?
There was always a time that things weren't shit for some people.
And as history marches forward it becomes less shit for more people.

And our target is for things not to be shit for anyone.
If anything, climate change will make things extremely shitty.
Holy fuck the boards will be restored in this order:

>1./a/, /b/, /hwndu/, /pol/, /v/
>2./co/, /tv/, /tech/, /k/
>3./tg/, /monster/, /christian/, /hgg/
>4./n/, /newsplus/, /polk/, /brit/
>5./argentina/, /egy/, /asmr/, /cuteboys/
>6./erp/, /loli/, /cow/, /kc/
>7./pone/, /fur/, /furry/, /leftypol/
>Batches will be restored in the following order:
>1 /a/, /b/, /hwndu/, /pol/, /v/
>2 /co/, /tv/, /tech/, /k/
>3 /tg/, /monster/, /christian/, /hgg/
>4 /n/, /newsplus/, /polk/, /brit/
>5 /argentina/, /egy/, /asmr/, /cuteboys/
>6 /erp/, /loli/, /cow/, /kc/
>7 /pone/, /fur/, /furry/, /leftypol/
great, loli and cuteboys will be restored before legtypol
and what company we have, furry and pony

are those people serious?

>Sorry about missing wrestlemania timeslot.
I have no words
It's like they do it on purpose or something!

Are we to start spamming twitter now or something?
we got btfo
>even after the CIA admitted they use it to monitor people
tor can't make it worse
ordinary traffic is monitored anyway
>admins consider us to be on the same tier as bronies and furries
>Are we to start spamming twitter now or something?
no, fuck this shit, I'm out
not gonna give traffic to that shithole
gonna return to halfchan
lel, tough shit comrade

i am a redditfugee and will never go back
We definitely generate more traffic than some of those boards. What's to stop us from taking one of the other boards over in the interim?
Some? We are consistently the third highest populated board after /pol/ and /b/ and we are being treated like shit stains because we know where 8chan stands politically. I 100 percent advocate shitposting in /pol/, /b/, and /hwndu/ until we get our board back.
They are restoring the other boards based on the active users they had. Not /leftypol/ though, the 4th biggest board, that only gets restored after 28 other, mostly barely used, boards.
Yeah I'm tempering my speech, of course this is pretty ridiculous. Either way, I advocate exactly what you're saying, but focusing on one specific board so we don't split our efforts. We pick a board we can inundate, have the /leftypol/ celebs promote the action to help spread the word, and completely flood just one board with leftist politics to either force their hand or get a new colony in the interim
>inb4 "so much for the anti-imperialist left"
>We are consistently the third highest populated board after /pol/ and /b/
Actually after /pol/ and /v/. Sometimes we appear above /b/, sometimes we appear below /b/.
Just correcting to please my autism.
I realized after. I forgot about 8/v/ which was pretty retarded since that's where gamergate started.
I'd say /pol/ but that's the one with the most active moderation that will get us ousted really quickly. I think squatting in /HWNDU/ may be our best bet. Maybe get this message to Bat'Ko on twitter so more people know about it.
Even if the new atheists are faggots, proselitism isn't what makes a religion, if that were true, then political ideology could also be a religion.
There's a difference between saying that atheism is a religion and that new-atheists incorrectly treat it like one

Definitely pick /hwndu/ or /v/ over /pol/. Should send the message out to bat'ko, muke, etc.
apparently the hacker is a faggot
shitposting on the twitter
muh your site is so important for freeze peach let me suck your cock cripple
you were a bad boy mr hacker, but let me tell you that you used a professional attack vector and it totally justifies my fuck up
>giving up that easily
Come on, son.
They're restoring /leftypol/ last because even though it's the 3rd or 4th most popular board, they hate us.
This is what you cucks get for staying on stormiechan
Ah yes, your current 8chan administrators:
Jim Watkins - https://www.twitter.com/xerxeswatkins
Ron "Codemonkey" Watkins -https://www.twitter.com/CodeMonkeyZ

Totally unbiased people.
Open file (51.81 KB 501x684 begorrah.png)
>They're restoring /leftypol/ last because even though it's the 3rd or 4th most popular board, they hate us.

Jesus, Mary, and Patrick! Will their confounded arseanguish never cease?
Reminds me of the FBI sending notes to MLK, trying to convince him that his fight is futile and to commit suicide.
Thanks for the advice /pol/
Nothing. In fact that's what's likely to happen naturally. Anybody who was around on 4chan any of the several times that moot deleted a board should know that when a home board isn't up, the users flood the rest. Really, the users are going to be mad at the admins when there are furries, ponies, lolis, etc. getting posted on every board. They should do the containment boards first both to avert this and because they're slower and would put less strain on the site.
>There's a difference between saying that atheism is a religion and that new-atheists incorrectly treat it like one
"New atheist" is an even more appropriate moniker than it first appears. Most of them have only recently become atheists and still have a mindset that's a product of religion. After a while (unless they start making money off it) their general mindset usually changes according to their basic beliefs about the world. They tend to become less vocal, so the barely-knowledgeable self-important "enlightened" newfags are the ones who dominate the impression that atheists as a whole make on the cultural milieu.
>no /marx/
I hope chairman Ismail will not abandon us
Well I'm going to shitpost on /pol/ until my keyboard breaks and my fingers bleed. Cause fuck /pol/
Radical leftism without IdPol needs a place to organize on the internet, and it's not gonna be Bunkerchan since it will never soak up the traffic which /leftypol/ was getting through the presence of /pol/.

I'm in the socialist party of my country, and these people are so fucking out of touch with the internet that the alt-right will just steamroll them if we don't have a leftist imageboard presence producing memes and shit.
>Pol was the reason leftypol was big.
Nice fantasy you have there. The reason it got big was that we took on reddit refugees.
Considering the amount of converted /pol/yps and lurkers from halfchan who got curious, as well as the general media attention to 8chan after Hillary gave her alt-right speech, I'm entirely sure we would have never gotten that big with an isolated, obscure board like Bunkerchan. Nothing personal against BC, it's just the way dynamics on the internet work
Being an antithesis to /pol/ is what made /leftypol/ what it is.

You join /pol/ because you hate the mainstream, then you join /leftypol/ because you hate the retarded /pol/ hivemind
Notice that this site hardly has anyone double spacing but leftypol was rife with it.

No what made leftypol exist was the ban happy pricks at /pol/ who banned everyone that wasn't 1888
>Boards will be restored in the following order:
>1: /a/, /b/, /hwndu/, /pol/, /v/
>7: /leftypol/
I wouldn't get too offended. Codemonkey is alt-right, and he's just trolling us.

I mean, come on.
that would explain it, why is /leftypol/ on a site admistered by human cancer?

/hwindu/ seems ok, how nazi are the nazi mods there?
We leech off that cancer and treat the patients afflicted with it

We are there were the fighting is thickest, a true vanguard
>don't get offended that the 4th largest board gets restored after loli, and furry shit while /pol/ gets restored first
I'm spamming their fucking cuck-porn ridden board with gore.
I just want our board back, guys.
Forgot image
>I'm spamming their fucking cuck-porn ridden board with gore.
welp, guess it's time to get those bots ready
So much for the tolerant left.
>Codemonkey is alt-right
he is a fucking mongoloid half-asian mutt
couldn't resist his autism and mixed personal with work
hope perpetrator extorted them for that source code
>Sorry about missing wrestlemania timeslot
Is he fucking serious?!
Of course he is.
Open file (299.83 KB 562x437 huh wow.png)
What on earth makes you think he isn't?
Spamming shit never acomplishes anything, you should know better than this
don't tell me what to do, mom!

imagine all the butthurt when pol will be forced to enable captcha per post
Imagine all the butthurt when they return the favor.
Bunkerchan will never have serious traffic because it looks like shit and barely works.
...return what favor? The whole premise is them having a board and us not having a board.

Not that I think /pol/ is the way to go but I really don't buy this argument.
>people wanting to raid /hwndu/ of all places
have you seen the fucking stream, bunch of roleplaying mulatos, most from cuckchan
It's basically "fuck with Shia central", and really the fact that it's 90% /pol/ doesn't bother me
It's a /pol/ symptom, not a cause, and I just want to see it happen.
That's my opinion.

>/hwindu/ seems ok, how nazi are the nazi mods there?
literally nothing at all afaik, and definitely not ban friendly
Of course it's 90% Trump cocksucking, pepeposting and memespouting because demographics, but I've seen fogata (BO) allow Zizekposting and other stuff so he's good on my book. Chaotic neutral i guess
don't know about the new volunteer(s?) tho
What board would you recommend that we occupy then? I'm leaning towards /pol/, but the mods there are so paranoid that we'd have to be quite subtle to post there without getting banned (meaning, of course, that the /pol/yps probably wouldn't notice us in the first place).
>occupy /pol/
>be quite subtle
I'd rather not
spamming is like Aerial bombing
occupation is like city fighting
Why not /wooo/? That's the other one going up first. It's not that big. /sudo/ will be full of people bitching. I don't know anything about wrestling. Is there a wrestler who's at least plausibly commie? Bonus points for being a villain.
we could meme a commie out of some wrestler - any wrestling enthusiasts here? who would be a suitable target for commiefication?
Leave /wooo/ alone, they did nothing did nothing to deserve being shat over by political autism. /sudo/ is definitely a better choice, Codemonkey and le shady businessman decided to mildly inconvenience us, so it would be the most logical thing to mildly inconvenience the board that is checked regularly for the technical issues.
Also, why do we have to immediately run back to 8chan once the first boards are back up? Two days, seven days, it's won't magically make every single /leftypol/ poster but us forget such board ever existed. Though the idea of never having to interact with all those autistic facebookers and redditors is indeed appealing
Jeff Monson is a comrade in MMA, but he used to wrestle.
Open file (147.86 KB 661x923 monson.jpg)
It's never coming back, is it?
Get comfy and read for now.
Open file (17.63 KB 523x192 8ch frontpage.png)
>the third most popular board will be restored dead last
So much for muh free speech 😂
I can understand restoring /v/ and /pol/ before us but come on
This is the last straw
I really like how child porn is being prioritized over politics.
I can't, they are basically the same thing, one of them would be enough.
If anything it makes me want /leftypol/ to thrive on 8ch even more because of all the butthurt it causes them.
Considering the ones in power hates us, I'm not sure it would even be possible or how to achieve it. But then again, I'm sure moot wasn't too happy over 4/pol/ either.
It's exactly the opposite. This is political. I mean, I like loli as much as the next guy, but this is a clear message to us.
It will be really good if 8ch never recovered but /leftypol/'s user base will be a big loss for us.
That combined with this shithole's style will scare away whatever community wanted to migrate

We should meme GETchan to be our refugee once 8ch returns.
that's not a bad idea
Or what? What are actually going to do about this?
Why not endchan?
because CP

You and I are friends
The peaches are frozen, we have to move on. We can't trust 8ch anymore.
Does anyone have the url to n1x's 0chan?
The question is where to go and how to actually bring in most of /leftypol/'s user base. I came here because in searched leftypol instantly on Twitter when 8ch crashed but I don't think most other users would do that or care enough.
they've been migrating to gochan for who knows how long now
>>admins consider us to be on the same tier as bronies and furries
Reminder that 4chan merged /pol/ with /mlp/ for this year's April Fools
How about we use twitter and the youtube e-celebs to coordiante the migration? I'd assume they'd be on board if we were to have a good plan.
stuck in development hell from what I see, for all intents and purposes we can ignore gochan's existence
But not all of our users are tweeterfags on the first place, the userbase won't move but we will get an influx of weird tweeter.

I'll make a video on my channel if this lasts more than a couple days.
>where to go
I've been thinking about creating a thread to establish a small colony on oniichan.i2p before all this happening
it's active-ish, and I've seen 8ch polacks running here and there
>But not all of our users are tweeterfags
Your loss.
>not believing the power of meme viruses
>not waiting for a tRump presidency to implode on itself
>cencerous tweeterfag is probably the same person who complains about redditors
And I bet you also PAY to post on SA
/sudo/ is the one true answer.
not just raid as an attack, but rather make them realize they fucked up hard trying to make a joke or something idiotic like this.

btw, I second leaving /hwndu/ alone beause of >>2838 (maybe more people here enjoy that fuckery than they care to admit). But mostly I don't really want to piss off so many people with that free time.
We will never not be under fire again. Maybe you are angry now, but honestly, it'd be a pyrrhic victory, but without any victory at all really.

If anythinhg, we should passively occupy /pol/ and be subtle as fuck.
Even talking about this too much is counter-productive, they keep checking on 8ch/leftypol, I guess not here.
Honestly, what the fuck do you need to say? "let's keep raiding /pol/!"?
Just go on /pol/, be subtle and stablish conversations with other people you see being subtle. Or with /pol/acks that seem to agree, why not.
>The most hated board on 8ch

I did get a little chuckle from that, but it inadvertently shows how much they care. ^ ^
Sorry but what the fuck is your retarded greentext even supposed to mean?
Open file (263.57 KB 600x600 1378289112058.jpg)
Why are you people acting as if /leftypol/ was dead forever and we need to lead the masses to the chosen land now that we officially know it will be back up anyways? Just take it easy or maybe use that fleeting moment of /leftypol/ being down to do something more useful than arguing with retards on the internet. And if you're that desperate, you can always go to 4/lit/ or 4/his/ and make low-key left-wing threads
Open file (296.90 KB 150x198 this.gif)
>The question is where to go and how to actually bring in most of /leftypol/'s user base
what's so wrong with bunkerchan?
>cancerous tweeterfag can't even handle a comment longer than 150 characters

Guys please, raids never work and this comes from a /leftypol/ mod, all your bots will be banned in minutes making no difference

>Autoplay music
>meme board names
>Akward user experience to post and browse
>eye cancer layout
>uncertain hotpocket consumption related principles of staff
>everything dude below mentions
Open file (27.61 KB 259x215 1429563282479.jpg)

How do you not get that it's simple trolling? Either you're retarded or trying pointless subversion. 8ch should be back soon & /leftypol/ is fine. Personally I think hemorrhaging some users would be good, since when we became 3rd the shitposting became too much.
>Autoplay music
can easily be fixed
>meme board names
can easily be fixed
>Akward user experience to post and browse
css theme can be changed to more eye pleasing

>eye cancer layout
anything more concrete about functionality?
all that bothers me is that quick reply window is too large

>uncertain hotpocket consumption related principles of staff
please elaborate
Is that NNTPchan still or is the old oniichan back?
Hopefully the mods have the willpower to fix it
ideally this should not look any different from any other chan, at least not too much.
>eye cancer layout
too tired to articulate right now, will do it later
>uncertain hotpocket consumption related principles of staff
Bunkerchan has scarcely seen more than thirty people at a single time, and thus we have no track record of moderation. 8chan currently at least allows to exist and split off if shit gets bad. For all we know here, the host may reveal that he's only concerned with having a personal hugbox, should enough members ever flow in or enough pressure be applied.
Or we could move /leftypol/'s mod team here
My concerns lie with the host. Good mods come, and shitty mods go, but a host who gets fed up and decides "fuck it may as well just hotpocket it up" would kill any hope for a decent community. I've seen it happen many, many other times.
were working on it, but the site admin (space) is really busy with work and hasnt really had the opportunity to work on it or put changes on the live site.

Hopefully we will make some major advancements in the layout and css in the coming days, I will have some more time too to work on finding issues and fixing them.

8chan really is no different other than the fact that you can make a new board if you dont like the board owner. The site moderation still have free reign on either site. We will have to prove ourselves, that is true.

If I recall correctly the BO has an account here but he/she hasnt been in contact for a while. I guess they want to wait it out before officially moving everything here, in case 8chan does go up again.
By the way, the board and global rules are still empty.
I know what you mean, keeping mods accountable is hard
the healthiest thing to stop them from organizing a circlejerk on IRC or similar and force them to keep their modhood in secret
Open file (205.79 KB 350x291 1489257839684.png)
>We got everything working except for the captcha. The captcha keeps looping and wont register correctly. Already asked Fred about how to fix captcha but hes sleeping so need to wait until hes up. After captcha is fixed, then we are back.
Open file (51.44 KB 960x720 1iHdMYY.jpg)
>How do you not get that it's simple trolling?
What I've always hated /leftypol/ for the most is this recurring retardation of its users who can only detect a troll if he's literally waving a dick in front of them, which results in almost proud
>nice try /pol/!
It pisses me off to no end
I know. Hopefully that too will be fixed.

As of now the UI seems to have a higher priority than rules (since we have little traffic and no shit happen yet), so were going to focus on the colours and the reply box once we have time, as well as some other problems we have found.

Try to view it from our side, this website was never actually necessary for longer than a few hours. This is the first time 8chan has gone down for a longer amount of time, so we never had a good reason/opportunity to check everything or get feedback about the site itself.
Which is why >>>/leftypol/ exists
Nothing really but my point was more about how to bring about leftypol's attention.
>quick reply window is too large
what I mean is that it scales with zoom and reply button goes out of screen
Open file (185.12 KB 1920x870 Untitled.png)
I don't know if it's just me but when I click on a reply to a post and it links me to it, the top of the post is cut off so I have to scroll up a bit to see the replies and shit, just a minor annoyance.

Also when I hover over the a post's reply and see the preview it doesn't show me that posts replies which is a bit annoying.

This might just be for me though
>/pol/ first
>/leftypol/ seventh
Fucking cuck mods
At first I was like "we have to bring this up and so on"

But then I saw all the nazis getting buthurt we are even coming back and even caring at all...

Ok. We invade other boards until leftypol is back.
Is any of it even up and running?
Open file (14.29 KB 480x360 thumbs up.jpg)
Eyyy shit it's been a long old time since I last posted on this board
At this point, why even go back?
8ch will never not be biased.
Build this place or something new.
Prefer to keep both going since lefty/pol/ still has a fairly largeish and growing user base
Cause leftpol is an INTERESTING group of people...
what cp? They ban it on-sight.
someone post that webm
Open file (38.51 KB 125x125 1320117110083.png)
>April 3, 2017 - 6:41pm [GMT]

>Posting works again on /sudo/. I need to check some things on mod.php before bringing up more boards.
BTW, the 8ch source code leaked: https://a.pomf.cat/fvquhx.txz
Good. It should have never stayed closed.
test post
I'm trying to upload a webm but connection keeps timing out


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