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leftypol down? Comrade 04/01/2017 (Sat) 05:49:41 Id: 971958 [Preview] No. 2469
Anyone else getting lots of 404s and 403s when trying to post?
Haven't noticed something like this. Consider this a test.
yes, every thread except the soros bomb thread and the traditional values thread 404s
Please ignore my stupidity.
It seems to be affecting other boards too. I can't access any of the boards in the top bar.
Cripplechan at it's best
wtf I like bunkerchan now
our deep defense point where we can regroup
I appreciate the recent activity. I hope cripplechan will blow up more often in the future.
Yeah leftypol is down for some reason.

Welcome to bunkerchan lads.
What's the point of having a bunker board if nobody actually comes here when the main board gets fucked?
If ya want more people fix yer site, fagget!

You need a return button, the flag to be stable and the captch not to be requested constantly!

Also, I think leftypol needs more twitter representation.

Also, start complaining to criple about lefty being down, people!
Open file (16.73 KB 1024x768 2017-03-30.png)
Open file (17.36 KB 1024x768 2017-03-31.png)
Open file (9.49 KB 296x325 bunkerchan-stats.png)
>nobody actually comes
You should've seen how it was here before cripplechan collapsed. It's rather full in here compared to the last days / ever.
I'm just a regular visitor.
I think the best place for your suggestions is: >>>/gulag/436
Open file (43.89 KB 1024x768 2017-04-01.png)
Yesterdays graph is available: Quite a difference, isn't it?
Its beautiful.
>Also, start complaining to criple about lefty being down, people!
kek, I bet cripple is biting his ankles right now
whole day the site is down, what will investors say?
Fuck all since Its not his problem its codemonkeys problem.
What exactly is the Alacrity Daemon?
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