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Valve cooperative Comrade 03/21/2017 (Tue) 04:28:08 Id: 0d8022 [Preview] No. 2453
Is Valve's business model anything close to a cooperative? Or is it just a regular private company?
It's an LLC. So no.
It is interesting, functionally they act like coop would. But running coop in America is probably next to impossible in large scale. The outside pressure from capitalism is STRONG. Maybe when Gabe retires he turns Valve into coop, who knows. He doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who cares about money.
It's just PR BS...

It's the "same" for every tech company... but just PR BS in the end.
Open file (160.24 KB 442x300 Sentitole.png)
They do look suspiciously similar tbh
Well they're certainly vehemently anti-consumer in the manner I would expect out of a capitalist enterprise.
I think Steam begun as a "let's fix capitalism together and make games available to everyone".

'Member when sales meant something? I 'member!

But then it got what everyone that wants to "fix" capitalism gets.

Too much money, shareholders and no control over his "co-op" or whatever. AKA sold-out.

It was most intriguing to see this demonstrated in a King of the Hill episode.
>implying there's a meaningful difference
So when are you guys going to actually read Marx?


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