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Comrade 03/13/2017 (Mon) 05:45:33 Id: 99a7a8 [Preview] No. 2447
What are some bunkerchan approved unions?
I joined a non-revolutionary union (IG Metall), as they provide a legal expenses insurance for labor law cases and other useful services. In their statutes they even write about the final goal of democratic socialism, but in their everyday politics they sadly often act as co-management.

For revolutionary unions, what about the wobblies and the IAA?
Sweet what industry you in?
Looking at wikipedia IG Metall have a ton of great accomplishments like 5 day work week and sickpay.

My place is represented by GMB but they're against Jeremy Corbyn
I worked as an engineering technician and precision mechanic, but I'm unemployed at the moment.

IG Metall being such influencal as you noticed was another reason to join them; I like their current campaign for more flexible work time models.
The RMT and Unite in the UK a pretty good.
I really depends on where you live and what jobs you work in.


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