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Idpol is a virus, how can we innoculate? Comrade 03/09/2017 (Thu) 21:54:24 Id: 335873 [Preview] No. 2444
Idpol can best be described like a virus, or like 'The Borg' if you've seen Star Trek. It infects movements and actions and projects that would otherwise actually accomplish anything in functionality or practicality, brings it down to a halt with astonishing speed and power that seems to come from nowhere, eats it from the inside out, wears it's skin, and then demands it's respect. I've seen absolutely nothing ever be able resist it. Whether or not it's an FBI COINTELPRO operation, it is certainly doing the same work an actual COINTELPRO operation, and with great success.

I'm an american on the east coast. I went to a local anarchist meeting here. As far as I could tell I was the only anarchist there. There were nothing some authoritarian liberals who were just pro-violence and property destruction so long as it was used to silence and censor people who didn't vote for non-white Democratic Party candidates. At my schools socialist club meeting there was one genderqueer blue haired Marxist and a bunch of authoritarian liberal lesbians to whom the word 'socialism' means high taxes under capitalism which go towards free abortions and slavery reparations.

Nothing so far works against it. Everything is being consumed. What can be tried next?
Another problem with idpol besides weakening leftist movements is that it had found it's way into the mainstream and thus gives the (alt-)right arguments about "the left" being a dominant force, while economically right-wing policies are pushed without limits.

I would suggest something like the open source movement is trying http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=6758 (trigger warning, Eric S. Raymond is an ancap); so having something like "meritocracy" in political movements.
The way to counter IdPol is to occupy their topics. Don't get into discussion like "class or race first", "class or gender first". This is shit-tier political discourse. Show, that the topics are intertwined and counter reductionist arguments from both sides. For example: capitalism relies on a lot of unpaid labor (carework, parenting). Women are expected to do this labor. Talk about how capitalism in itself is a system that needs this kind of exploitation and that the invisibility of unpaid carework is because it doesn't fit into the capitalist ideology of contracts betweens equals. Or talk about how the institutionalized racism and nationalism made the lower working class colored in its appearance and that subsequently most of "race struggles" are in fact "class struggles" in disguise.
>capitalism relies on a lot of unpaid labor (carework, parenting). Women are expected to do this labor.

Interesting enough, as - according to my interpretation of Marx - capitalists just pay enough for the regeneration of the labor, which includes the raising of future workers. 2 generations ago the wage of a worker was enough to feed a family.
>so having something like "meritocracy" in political movements.
This hasn't worked though. They just cry nazism and get things shut down or get people fired.
Masllah stabil das du hier bist bruder
This guy I used to trust in my own group has steadily turned into an idpoler and I fear his election along with others who never show up to meeting or do jack shit is going to bring the group to ruin now. First it started with him threatening to leave over bullshit misogyny accusations towards another member, now we're on to the phase where we elect totally unqualified officers through diversity quotas because "need to attract women". Now we have elected a secretary who has shown up to a grand total of two meetings over the last six months, and a vice chair who shits on activity every single time we try to organize with "I don't know, we don't have time to prepare for that" even when it's weeks in advance. Everything seems to be about virtue signalling to his girlfriend, it's so sad.

I was head of our group and I saw this stuff coming and I felt powerless to stop it without creating tensions that might threaten to hurt it.
Idpol is too powerful.
Yeah, but we should defend them


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