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Open file (17.28 KB 480x400 chart.png)
What am I Comrade 03/05/2017 (Sun) 04:42:02 Id: cd5b49 [Preview] No. 2427
So I consider myself a leftist but I don't know what branch I fall into. Maybe some of you can help me out.

Along with the chart, I'm uploading here are some of my other policy positions.

> I believe in workers self-management over the means of production but I believe it can be done in a capitalist society.

> Nationalist and egalitarian.

> Oppose gun control laws.

> Oppose safe spaces and hate speech laws.

> Somewhat pro-interventionist foreign policy.
Boy, do I have the ideology for you!
NazBol? But... I'm Jewish.
Democratic Socialist.
Open file (48.73 KB 554x508 02.jpg)
>Nationalist and egalitarian.
I don't think you can be both of these at the same time...
Jim Jung Un! Juche!
In all honesty, you seem alot like a non-anarchist syndicalist. Maybe you could look into, say du Travail and Chompsky.
Yes you can, you lying ass motherfucker.

What IS a Jacobin?
A liberal
Chomsky is an anarcho-syndicalist. Most non-anarchist syndicalists who are actually syndicalists (national syndicalism is a code word for fascism, specifically falangism) are Marxist-DeLeonists.
You can be both, but nationalism is traditionally a basis for rightwing reactionary politics and spooky to boot.
Not gonna shill for anarcho-syndicalism, you're not one of us. You seem most like a Titoist. Check out market socialism, it has worker-owned firms and a strong state. I wouldn't call it socialism personally because you need to get rid of both state and property IMO, but it's a variety.
Open file (81.12 KB 750x537 Robespierre.jpg)

yeah okay bruh
Open file (16.87 KB 300x300 syndicalism.jpg)
Open file (22.20 KB 450x212 Connolly Column.jpg)
You sound like a nationalist state-syndicalist. I suggest playing kaiserriech and reading up about James Connelly.
> I believe in workers self-management over the means of production but I believe it can be done in a capitalist society.
When you mean "in a capitalist society" you think of using market system and the commodity production in your preferred model or also allowing traditional capitalist enterprises?
Elaborate, a nationalist can mean both Rojavan Kurds and literally Hitler.
>Oppose safe spaces and hate speech laws.
I get your point and agree with you, but that made you sound like fag, just saying
>Somewhat pro-interventionist foreign policy.
Elaborate and maybe give examples when would you intervene and when not.
He was a liberal, are you historically illiterate?
>I believe it can be done in a capitalist society.

I think he means worker self-manegment can be archived through reformism without the need for a revolution.
I guess by you Tito was also liberal, I thought DPRK was the tankie containment board
Then who he was if not a liberal? Remember, back then monarchies and feudalism ruled all of Europe and liberal ideas were incredibly revolutionary when compared to the existing system.


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