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Tolstoy and peaceful resistance Comrade 02/11/2017 (Sat) 01:47:54 Id: 7d770f [Preview] No. 2386
What are your thoughts on Tolstoy? Does peaceful revolution work? Should a peaceful revolution be utilized overt a violent one
The idea of peaceful revolution is spooky
The idea of revolution is spooky
Wow, I can see Im dealing with some serious intellectual powerhouses on this site. Your ability to mindlessly parrot Stirner memes really compliments your intelligence and puts you miles above /pol/.
But I make le silly leftcom may may so
Since Tolstoy inspired Thoreau and Thoreau called for the physical "de-spooking" of life ("Instead of three meals eat but one, live deliberately, instead of money/fame give me truth"), and I find Thoreau's ideas very interesting, Tolstoy must be good. I think though, that peaceful revolution only works if you get martyred. It "worked" with MLK only because the alternative for porky was violent action against him. Don't know about Gandhi, but I assume british business-owners didn't want to die, and under whatever flag they can still harvest surplus value from indians and peddle shit. Peaceful Revolution is Idealistic too.


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