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Comrade 02/06/2017 (Mon) 18:20:20 Id: 33650e [Preview] No. 2377
Can you name one productive thing antifa has ever done? All they've ever accomplished is assualting and bullying anyone to the right of them. If they were storming political offices and demanding changes, that would be one thing. Instead they are beating up college age Trump supporters and stealing their shit.
Open file (45.91 KB 720x713 shruggin_girl.jpg)
I agree one hundred percent with you!
Anti-fa do's absolutly nothing for leftism except for making the majority of us look like hooligans. If they where rioting inside a government building maybe, just maybe I'll have a different opinion of them
>he thinks i meant rioting
Im talking about shooting some motherfuckers and taking political hostages. Beating up conservative college kids really just makes you look like bullies with no actual agenda
>Im talking about shooting some motherfuckers and taking political hostages.

1) Effort
2) Anti-fa is an ad hoc movement that disorganised as fuck.
3) Not every nation has guns available
I think it's like the black bloc (at least where I live, the black bloc is mostly antifa): interspersed with agents provocateurs. Also they mostly tend to have no class war positions but are id pol ad nauseam.

Then again, when I was at a rally that was kettled by the police, i was ok with antifa fighting back the police.
For me beating the shit out of Nazi scum is good for me. I don't really care if they have done anything productive, my only complaint is that they didn't kill the Nazi scum
They do more than I ever will.

Beating them up is fine but killing them would be crossing a line.

The first nazi who dies will become a martyr, a national symbol for centrist "peace".

They'll be the one that mainstream and alternate news outlets will focus on and use against us forever regardless of how many more people they kill.

One dead nazi would be more than enough for them to gain twice as much influence as they already do.

Nazi here,

You don't have to beat us up. People will convert when they realize the "Capitalists" they so hate are indeed the original race of merchants.

Everything you hate about the world is just a Jewish construct.

We both want the same things in the end of it all.

Look at the pitiful disgusting Hollywood kikes that push Anti-fa so hard for you and they push your rabid feminists against anyone thats not jewish.

Think about it faggots. (despite same posting (But really I'm here to fuck up your board for what you did to the Venezuelans)).

Who owns the banks that practice usery everywhere they go? Yet they do nothing to lift a finger to their fellow man.

Thats because the Jews don't consider themselves to be like you sir.

for fucks sake even Stalin knew about the Jews.

Here's the Jews making fun of you stupid communists: http://archive.is/3mDDX

They don't want whats best for their nation. but the jews will always consider themselves to be more equal than your comrades which did all the fighting.

Its the same reason true communism has never occurred.

In what world do Marxists want the same thing as Nazis?
In 20 years when everybody agrees the MAGA movement was facist you’re gonna be glad they did


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