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Bunker Men Recruitment Comrade 11/10/2016 (Thu) 17:12:08 Id: 3ee8ac [Preview] No. 2336
Are you tired of classcucked spooky Westerners telling you that porky worked hard for their money? Are you tired of the so-called "left" that tells white working class people that they're muh privileged over millionaire white women? Are you tired of sitting on your ass and not fighting (possibly dying) for socialism? Have you ever fantasized about being Che Guevera or Vasili Zeitzev? Well get off your fat ass and join the Bunker Men.

This is the official Bunkerchan YPG/IFB recruitment thread for Anons who are interested in joining up with one of the best hopes for socialism in the modern world. The purpose of the Bunker Men is to co-ordinate activity between Westerners who want to fight against Daesh and Erdogan, and hopefully come out of it with a qt Kurdish war bride.

We will use this thread and encrypted chat services to co-ordinate travel and the pooling of resources, because let's face it, soft doughy westerners like us are all shitting our pants at the thought of getting smuggled into Syria in the dead of night, so we might as well bring a friend.

Discussion in the thread should be limited to basic stuff, no details about your travel schedules, the inner workings of the YPG or anything like that. We don't want the Turkroaches listening in after all. If you are serious about joining, get yourself an app called Wickr. It's an encrypted chat so available on iOS and Android. Download it and contact me under the name KomradeKurtz, and we can work together to make travel and entry into the country easier on all of us.
Join the Bunker Men today!
Working together with the americans
Not even floss

I assume you to be an agent provocateur, comrade
>Suggesting a closed source programe
Is this Discord teir grassroots shilling?

Soviets and Viet Minh worked together with the Americans too. We already have a handful of people on board from /leftypol/.


Who cares? It's free.
>Who cares? It's free.

Now I'm sure you are an agent provocateur.
You can't trust not FLOSS software to encrypt your data safely.
>Wickr is an American software company
>Who cares what a National Security Letter is?
You can't especially trust an american company to encrypt your data safely.

ITT: undercover porky tries to lure leftists into compromising theirselves.

Also, the best way to help the world revolution is to build up / join a strong workers organisation. This can be done at home
And only Bunkerchan knows about it :^)


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