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Open file (501.00 KB 980x600 antifa.jpg)
What a day Comrade Cien 10/31/2016 (Mon) 15:52:21 Id: c1cb4d [Preview] No. 2290
You're walking home after a long day.
Bosses extracting your wage labor.
Feels bad man.
You just want to walk in peace back home.
Oh it's 90s Dallas.
What fright from yonder window breaks?
It's the KKK.
They're marchin' seig heil-in'.
You look to the lady in the USA shirt next to you.
She nods. It's going down.
Coooommmmmrrrraaaddddeee JJJJEEENNNKKKKINNNSSS
You go to town on Whitey McRacist.
Lady in the USA shirt says, GET HIM LAD!
McRacist is running, but his all bacon and mash potatoes diet is hindering his escape!
Guess you get the one stick,
Now you get the two stick McRacist.

Victory for the Working Class.
Open file (280.49 KB 524x265 IMG_9008.png)
>USA shirt
>opposes KKK member


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