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Comrade 10/17/2016 (Mon) 17:27:25 Id: df6b42 [Preview] No. 2276
What happened with the communist state in Czechoslovakia?
Open file (44.90 KB 374x418 dub ček.jpeg)
>be Dubček [dub-czek]
>parents told me everything about glorious communism
>join illegal communist party
>became partisan
>Slovak national uprising happens
>bro is bro, he will join our forces
>bro died
>swear over his dead body that I'll bring communism to CzechoSlovakia
>fast forward some years
>realize that dictatorship of proletariat is supposed to democratic
>became first secretary of CSKP
>start pushing laws like freedom of assembly and more free speech
>we should allow more political parties into parliament in order to lower corruption, raise personal liberties and so on
>Khrushchev is angry, but he's revisionist anyway
>tanks from around of soviet union came to stop my reforms
>there is no stopping on this train
>mfw I got destroyed and CzechoSlovakia divided as excuse for new capitalist regime who promise not more personal liberties that I tried to bring
I visited the museum of communism in prague in 2012. It's like it was made by /pol/. I think the fucking tankies have traumatized the czech people for ever, and by doing so ruining the name of communism in the rest of europe. Socialism with a human face would've been a interesting thing though.
Open file (19.21 KB 615x355 KSČM_2013.png)
Actually Czechia is one of the few eastern block countries that has a communist party with a representation in the parliament. They're doing relatively well, with 10%-20% in every election(pic related). And the most interesting part? Look who's on their site.
it's not hard to convince people to embrace communist ideals outside of capitals (Bratislava, prague) if you pull Dubcek+Zizek combo.
CzechoSlovakia is just in hibernation, waiting for awakening of communism in the west.
What has Zizek to do with czechoslovakia?
nothing directly, but he is good at "despooking" and his approach of "we should forget about 20th century attempts and try from the beginning" helps a lot.
Well it's a shame Dubček turned out to be a SuccDem and not a based LeftCom hiding his powerlevel like everyone thought he was.
This might be true, but I have never heard why exactly would that be true. Did he tried to smash central planning and allow private property? It sucks that he was politician, not philosopher so he wasn't writing theory.

I was thinking about investigating this by travelling to Prague where should be archived everything he proposed, but it would take fuckton of time which I don't have and I don't really think that it matters now since he "saved" idea of communism in czechoslovakia.
>he wasn't writing theory.
there are actually two books by him, which I need to read. First is "hope dies last", autobiography and Second is some of his speeches. Does anybody here have any of them?


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