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Comrade 10/17/2016 (Mon) 00:44:21 Id: c1cf9b [Preview] No. 2273
Let's list capitalist atrocities! I'll start with a few that come to mind.

What is the Belgian Kongo and the mess of states left after?
What is French Algeria?
What is British India and Pakistan?
What is the Native American Genocide in North America?
What is the Iraq War?
What is the Yemeni Civil War, and the US supporting Saudi bombing campaigns on civilian targets, during a famine?
What is De Beers?
What is the 1973 CIA funded coup of Allende in Chile?
What is the Contras in Nicaragua?
What is violence and regime change in the Honduras?
What is the genocide of Chinese people in Indonesia?
What is the Vietnam War?
What is the CIA funding of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge?
What is the Syrian Crisis and the Pentagon funding one side, while the CIA funds another?
What is Conflict Minerals?
What is post French Rwanda and the genocide that followed?
What is the Irish Potato Famine?
What is the funding of Afghani Taliban during the USSR's invasion on Afghanistan?
What is the 1954 Guatemalan Coup d'Etat?
What is Koch Industries bankrolling the Nazi oil industry?
What is Allied Powers supporting the Tsarists during the Russian Civil War?
What is the continued occupation and bombing campaigns against the Palestinian people?
What is sex trafficking in Eastern Europe?
What are the lies and corporate greed that led to the 2008 crash?
What is the Libyan conflict?
What is fracking and the contamination of water sources?
What is the entire oil industry?
What is the lobbying of government by companies like Haliburton, owned by Dick Cheney, to go on with perpetual warfare?
What is child labour in Asian countries and the Industrial Revolution?
What is Foxconn?
What is Exxon Mobile covering up their data on climate change?
What is the private prison industry?
What is the lobbying of the health insurance industry and big pharma against marijuana and single payer health care?
What is asbestos?
What is lead contamination in the water of many US cities?
What is NAFTA?
What is TPP?
What are the Drug Cartels?
What is police violence in the US?
What is the killing of drug addicts in the Philippines by Duterte?
What is the flint water crisis.
>What is the CIA funding of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge?
>What is Allied Powers supporting the Tsarists during the Russian Civil War?

So should they support or oppose communists? Make up your darn mind already.
Did you mention

>The Freestate of the congo
>United fruits?
>Khmer Rouge

Wew lad...
Please compare all actions of the khmer rouge with what Marx has written and tell us the accordances. Even Mao wasn't any communist anymore.

Pic unrelated, just ACAB captcha
The comment section gave me cancer.
Yeah not sure what I expected


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