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Open file (37.59 KB 441x441 Enver Hoxha.jpg)
Anonymous 09/22/2016 (Thu) 16:12:02 [Preview] No. 2193
What the fuck you faggots why do you praise an albanian?
Why not?
Open file (294.07 KB 500x421 1454826307301.png)
Like good ol' Uncle Joe he has great meme potential.

But unlike Bordiga the Based you shouldn't take it srsly, sadly with the great influx of tankies on /leftypol/, apparently people haven't gotten the memo.
Open file (13.69 KB 300x168 hoxha meme 1.jpg)
I noticed the name plate of a cashier in my town said "Hoxha" - is this the albanian "Smith" or is it possible she could be related to Enver?

toppest keks, lad
A is Albania
i also got a bunker fetish
>ignores possibility they're a fan
It's actually how muslim priests are called.

Like the Greek Papadopoulos means "son of priest".

It's a balkans thing.

Noone cared who he was before he built the bunkers.

It's just a meme though. Albania was worse than True Korea in terms of isolation.
>with the great influx of tankies on /leftypol/,
Funny, the other day I read some complaining on /marx/ that the influence of MLs has severely diminished recently. I guess the influx of ultras caused that.
>Albania was worse than True Korea in terms of isolation.
At least they had no concentration camps and famines.
>and famines
I mean.. How can you starve when everyone is a sheppard?
Open file (10.06 KB 99x150 shut up, tankie.jpg)
According to every poll that we've had, ancoms and communalists both consistently outnumber tankies by 3x and 2x respectively, and yet from looking at what's actually posted on /leftypol/, you'd think that tankies were the majority of the entire board because the influx from Tankie Twitter screwed everything up so much. It's one of the most annoying things to happen in the past few months. At least leftcoms actually read and get Marx.


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