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Comrade 07/13/2016 (Wed) 19:19:00 [Preview] No. 1926
post your test results lads. http://politicalcompass.org/
>inb4 shit test
we all know it's shit, lets just see where we fall on le meme graph
Open file (19.16 KB 449x505 polcomp.png)
This time I will save this one for next week ;^)
Open file (12.76 KB 471x449 PolTest3.png)
>Tfw only -9.13 and not a full -10
Open file (17.28 KB 480x400 chart.png)
>all these sectarian libertarians
At least there is no literally stalin
>inb4 there is
Honestly not even Stalin himself would've been in the top left since it requires Muriclap bullshit like religious education and prudery. One of the reasons the test is shit.
Open file (3.04 MB 3501x2736 1461843773750.jpg)
>implying Stalinism isn't religious
I thought the good looking guy on the mugshot being stalin was just a meme?
It's a very handsome angle, and indistinct enough that you don't notice the pockmarks, but no it's really him. Not even manipulated.
Open file (78.86 KB 299x299 stalin is proud.jpg)
proud tbh
Open file (23.58 KB 639x601 so true.png)
If anyone is anywhere but the bottom left you're faggots. The up-down part isnt even like marxism-anarchism it's things like 'can people do drugs' 'can people have sex before marriage'.

Anyone in the up part is a /pol/ spy and needs to kill themselves.
You, mister, truly are disgusting
Someone should make a marxism-anarchism test.

How about collecting questions for this purpose in this thread? Seems to me all bunker-dwellers have already answered their result.
Open file (17.19 KB 480x400 chart.png)
Sorry about this, not used to posting here. How can I delete the first post?
You can't at the moment.

Just ask space_ or hoxha on the IRC.
Open file (17.28 KB 480x400 chart.png)
le big gubbermand maymay faec
Open file (17.32 KB 480x400 image.png)
I think I'm an ancom
Open file (16.16 KB 476x496 Sup.png)
I keep getting ancom
Open file (17.31 KB 480x400 preddy gud.png)
Preddy standard fam
Is there any hope for me?
Open file (17.26 KB 480x400 chart.png)
Open file (17.14 KB 480x400 chart (2).png)
Purity is within my grasp
Open file (17.27 KB 480x400 chart.jpg)
Open file (17.30 KB 480x400 my political compass.png)
does this make me a tankie of the soul?
never liked that stuff so inaccurate !
yes hi
help me
Open file (17.29 KB 480x400 i broke it.png)
am I a meme yet?
Please stop posting this shit. It's literally killing all kind of thinking and it's not even funny. It just makes the imageboard look like /pol/.
Open file (17.31 KB 480x400 polcomp.png)
How can people respond seriously/honestly to this test and end up in the right?
How does it make us look like /pol/?
Open file (17.27 KB 480x400 chart.png)
i'm an anarcho-syndicalist and i like memeing stirner
Open file (17.13 KB 480x400 chart.png)
Get used to people having different opinions then you.
Open file (17.19 KB 480x400 chart.png)
I've been moving farther up lately.
Open file (17.31 KB 480x400 chart.png)
Open file (781.32 KB 1910x870 6l42j0l8.png)
I do wish that these damn tests would not equate a rejection of the price system with some-sort of embracement of Socialism.
Open file (17.26 KB 480x400 chart dec 25 2016.png)
I don't even use /leftypol/.
Open file (55.70 KB 456x480 political compass.jpg)
pleasantly surprised to find myself in the left libertarian quadrant
Open file (33.41 KB 479x384 pol.jpg)
I have renamed the axes.
Open file (17.19 KB 480x400 compass.png)
we down here fam
Open file (71.46 KB 658x1047 charts.png)
Open file (17.15 KB 480x400 chart.png)
Would have expected to be higher
Open file (17.15 KB 480x400 chart.png)
Thought i was higher
Where are the lower stats from?
Open file (546.65 KB 955x4712 1917polcomp.png)
Open file (17.33 KB 480x400 chart (2).png)
Open file (17.33 KB 480x400 chart (2).png)
Open file (17.33 KB 480x400 chart (2).png)
Here's mine.
I'm a Leninist and this post-Fukuyamaist shit always calls me and anarkid.

I ain't doing this again!
So try this one >>2428 ; I'm a bit disappointed no one else has posted his results of it...
I've done this and am a Bolshevik.

It's a good one.
Open file (17.22 KB 480x400 T6mocUk.png)
I'm a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist tankie like Unruhe, and yet, this test *always* labels me as an Anarkiddie.
Open file (17.15 KB 480x400 chart.png)
B-but I hate Hippies...

Why am I not farther up?
That's likely because the authoritarian-libertarian axis combines the actual questions about authoritarianism with questions about social liberalism and conservatism, which means that if you disagree with the idea of gassing all kikes and faggots, you are pushed down.
Open file (17.27 KB 480x400 compass.png)
Open file (17.21 KB 480x400 politicalcompass.png)
Why are you here Howard? Nobody here likes you better than any of the other tripfags and you are probably on the cancer that is the leftypol discord as well. At least you are not spamming, so you are tolerable, but I'm genuinely curios.
If instead of "you cannot be moral without being religious" the question was "you cannot be moral without being a Leninist" Stalin would be of the charts in the top left.
Open file (95.49 KB 800x600 results.png)
This political test is better imo
Pic related is my results
Open file (17.33 KB 480x400 polcompass.png)
Semi-recent, good chance it'd put me more to the left now though
Well I was right about that
Tf, is this real?
Why would they do that? Are there any radical leftists who advocate religious education?
Open file (17.19 KB 480x400 chart.png)
Open file (17.28 KB 480x400 chart.png)
How do you even end up in red without picking reactionary answers?
Open file (105.67 KB 800x650 8Values.png)
Open file (22.82 KB 511x555 Compass test.png)
Open file (231.70 KB 800x1200 download.png)
These are mine.
Open file (253.25 KB 720x1093 IMG_20190130_165150.png)
Open file (17.28 KB 480x400 chart.png)
It says L\R -8 and L\A -7 but im fully feel -10 for both
Open file (17.30 KB 480x400 cuck cuck.png)
here is mine
Open file (46.91 KB 256x256 politiscale part2.png)
Open file (216.25 KB 800x1200 politiscales.png)
this is also mine.


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