You have to be able to see the problem with the phrase "Socialism is supposed to ensure that all groups are equal in rights" . It sounds like sargon of akkads description of socialism.
Anyhow, fags dont deserve to be treated any worse than anyone else or otherwise ostracised, but thats not a socialist issue. Thats not to say it shouldnt be addressed at all, or that you arent allowed to if you individually are a socialist, but its a different problem.
A socialist cause /could/ address such issues without losing focus, but what actually happens is that over time only the shit that doesnt threaten the basic structure of society survives. People only know them for the things that are basically agreeable without seeming too extreme or proposing any radical change beyond ceasing to treat people badly for certain arbitrary shit. Socialism and idpol is like rich fucks moving into a poor neighborhood and thinking to themselves they wont change its "character", or a game studio dumbing shit down but telling everyone they're totally staying true to the originals.
That said, even class struggle is losing focus of the real goal for the sake of better vulgar, simplified propoganda. booj vs prole is most useful as a way to introduce the idea of how the people who control material wealth have inherently different economic interests from those who don't, and that what it boils down to is the former having power over the world and wanting to keep it and the latter not. Dividing it up so neatly, and then correcting for that over-idealization by neatly subdividing the neat divisions, not so good on its own.