The way I see it, what we need to do is precisely that and have it write information to a decentralized ledger of some sort (any alternatives to Bitcoin's blockchain?). This, in turn, must be accessible by an easy-to-use interface which allows individuals to input, for each workplace, what productive method is available (material cost per unit of final product, environmental cost), how productive exactly is it (labor intensity, how many units of final product can be created per hour), and what materials are already available (therefore allowing us to determine what needs to be brought). To determine what needs to be brought to production and distribution sites, you need to plot the relation of goods left in the surplus stock versus time, plot the best fit line, and take its derivative to extrapolate how many goods will be needed to satisfy demand in the future.

If you have those basic components, then the rest of the stuff mentioned in my article will become trivial to implement. I'm looking to create an application that is fundamentally useful in the immediate world. All the syndicates and cooperatives and mutual aid societies will arise spontaneously around it as more and more people hopefully use it.