OP of the original thread here, was considering whether I should start a thread here or not.
Haha, I like how you replaced "JavaScript" with "Haskell".
Could someone maybe rewrite it to make less references to socialism and anarchism? I want to get something which I can publish to normies and not scare them off. You need to lure them in, you know?
You can't shout "Kulaki zasluzhili! Nichego Stalin ne sdelal plohoi!" while singing the Internationale in French and expect to get anything but "human nature" arguments or, worse yet, be ignored. You need to present yourself as advocating a reasonable solution to a relevant problem.
I think he overstated the complexity of it. We already have commonly-used programs for solving sparse systems of linear equations such as GLPK. It can't be that hard to modify it to work automatically when given inputs from a secondary program which organizes the given data (what needs to be produced, what resources are available, and what productive methods are available) into a usable format. I'm teaching myself a lot about this in my spare time because I really want to try this. For one, I'm finally teaching myself C beyond Arduino. I have high hopes.