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Open file (67.33 KB 500x354 1438341127431.jpg)
Hoxha ##W8OrzM 02/26/2016 (Fri) 18:36:02 [Preview] No. 1 [Reply]
Bunkerchan lives!

First thing we need is banners

must be less than 200kb

300 by 100 or something like that too
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LMAO I love that one!
Open file (39.94 KB 300x100 banner.png)

Here. Take this comrade!
Open file (47.26 KB 300x100 bunker banner.png)
Here another one.
Keep up the good work lad!

Open file (96.13 KB 300x286 smugcorbyn.jpg)
Space_##m0Wyzz 07/15/2016 (Fri) 19:21:05 [Preview] No. 1943 [Reply]
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Removing it now.
Wonderful comrade.
Strasserite flag plz
Make it 16x11 and I will.

Here you go comrade. Thank you very much.

Open file (43.61 KB 400x300 462cfe5b46645b6.jpg)
Comrade 04/04/2017 (Tue) 03:18:13 Id: 49916b [Preview] No. 3017 [Reply]
Several of you are MIA
Please report to the mod chat and stand by as long as possible so we can add the people who we don't have in our contacts

And when /leftypol/ is back online please log in and change your password
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Can someone do me a favour and post BO's email.
I tried contacting BO by mail long time ago and he didn't answer
I been telling people to not mail him because there is no chance he'll answer
Hello Space_##m0Wyzz.
Need a list of leftypol mods
I need to load the profile of my account on the old computer, will make a new account.

Open file (49.51 KB 1024x576 jordan-peterson-still.jpg)
Comrade 06/08/2018 (Fri) 02:38:53 Id: a59486 [Preview] No. 3944 [Reply]
First off, apologies for creating yet another thread about this individual. I know there's been a lot of spergrage from idiots on leftypol and elsewhere about him.

That out of the way, I've started reading his book to see what all the fuss was about. I'm only on the first chapter and I've got to admit I'm already extremely impressed with his ability to construct a persuasive argument. Reading through the notorious "lobsters" section, I can see the ideological content embedded in there, such as implicit naturalistic fallacy to justify hierarchy in human society and spurious use of the Pareto principle but it's cemented in well.

If you've not looked at this book, you might want to add it to your reading list. I'd appreciate advice from anyone who's read the book and spotted how the text functions beyond what I've noticed so far.

Comrade 05/13/2018 (Sun) 13:55:31 Id: ba0e66 [Preview] No. 3939 [Reply]
hi im a comrade who is strongly considering with you i feel alianated between the rmpant antisemitisem i know im a good goy and genocide denial...to idpol cancer i just feel out of place
oh god my engRish is shit..sorry bunker builder here my second language is shit...my point is that im a socialist and i feel alianated by both more right leaning socialists and idpol people
Welcome to the club comrade

Open file (140.55 KB 500x409 ccg.png)
halp pl0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Comrade 04/23/2018 (Mon) 16:50:08 Id: 6ccc81 [Preview] No. 3919 [Reply]
im preparing for the first of may(international workers day for the dum dums out there) but i havent come up with a good idea for a nice sign. this is where yall come in, give me your best ideas boys!

further information would be that i live in sweden and am gonna march with the anarcho syndicalists if it helps.

Comrade 07/13/2016 (Wed) 19:19:00 [Preview] No. 1926 [Reply]
post your test results lads. http://politicalcompass.org/
>inb4 shit test
we all know it's shit, lets just see where we fall on le meme graph
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Tf, is this real?
Why would they do that? Are there any radical leftists who advocate religious education?
Open file (17.19 KB 480x400 chart.png)

Fuck Libertarians (USA) Comrade 04/03/2018 (Tue) 05:51:42 Id: 5999be [Preview] No. 3901 [Reply]
They the type to ask about “well if the 12 year old consented........”


Open file (66.64 KB 334x314 Zizek cartoon.png)
Materialism Comrade 03/29/2018 (Thu) 15:25:26 Id: d7ddd5 [Preview] No. 3895 [Reply]

Can anyone give/recommend me some good introduction to materialist philosophy? Would prefer Marxian/Zizekian.
READ Hegel

Open file (14.11 KB 737x206 8chan.png)
Comrade 04/01/2017 (Sat) 11:51:58 Id: 0564c7 [Preview] No. 2477 [Reply]
Does anyone know what's up with 8chan? I can't seem to access /leftypol/. I get that this might be an April Fool's joke or something, but I'm still worried.
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Open file (38.51 KB 125x125 1320117110083.png)
>April 3, 2017 - 6:41pm [GMT]

>Posting works again on /sudo/. I need to check some things on mod.php before bringing up more boards.
BTW, the 8ch source code leaked: https://a.pomf.cat/fvquhx.txz
Good. It should have never stayed closed.
test post
I'm trying to upload a webm but connection keeps timing out


no cookies?