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Space_##KRLn94 04/04/2017 (Tue) 00:31:23 [Preview] No. 557

Post em and I'll add
wrong trip :^)
Apparently, I fucking left out the front page from the Yotsuba B CSS theme.

Updated it here: https://pastebin.com/J3GfZp72
Open file (219.86 KB 1124x440 frontpage.png)
I love you too, man, but please add in the last 4-6 lines of that edited pastebin to the 'yotsuba.css' so the front page looks like this with the CSS.
Where is the dark theme fam?
can you do me a favour and relink it your dark theme. I've forgot which thread it was in also FIXED.
Open file (280.18 KB 1124x1312 dork.png)
Yeah, I deleted it. Here it is again:

I could also do "Tomorrow" if people prefer that.
That one's called "Dark" though.
fucked up the code again. pastebin updated. update it or not, doesn't matter. and yeah, it's called "dark".
same pastebin link?
aye, same one.
Is there a way to use the default bunkerchan css on >>>/leftypol/ ? I like it better and the css selection doesn't seem to work there (and on >>>/dead/ neither, by the way).
Yo Famalam, you willing to take suggestions on the global.css? This one's 12% smaller (faster downloads), and I changed a 100 to a 80, but its still got all the taste Bunkerchan vibes. What ya think? tbh I just hate people with bad eye site

Also Tor posting test.
I'm going to optimize everything and give that to you without any font changes.
Minor tweak for the Yotsuba B CSS:

Just add "letter-spacing: -2px;" between line 25 to 28 of https://github.com/SpaceDustTeapot/bunkerchan-fe/blob/master/static/css/yotsuba.css

Should probably mention that I like to make tons of small edits.
Cheers lad! I'll add it when I get time. Also feel free to make pull requests :v


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