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Open file (3.73 KB 200x200 Razor1911.png)
Comrade 07/20/2016 (Wed) 21:46:07 [Preview] No. 72
Who likes demos? Computer generated graphics that are cool.

Bad Apple - TI-84

777 Heaven - Razor1911

Luma - Mercury
I been wanting to get into demons since I saw 8088MPH
I haden't seen any demos for modern hardware before, thanks OP.
i like the luma - mercury one, awesome to watch high
please don't watch demos on youtube, it is so wrong i can't even begin to describe it.

download them from pouet.net
most of them only work on windows properly. if you still have that installed somewhere, get stoned, sort them by popularity and start watching.
oh and sorry for the off-topic comment but while you're already on pouet, check out the "movies you must see before you die" thread, plenty of awesome suggestions.
Not everyone has the hardware possible to view the demo's,


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