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Comrade 05/19/2016 (Thu) 17:30:52 [Preview] No. 13
So what animu does Bunkerchan like?

I really love any anime that has something to do with uchuu!
Planetes, NGE and Welcome to the NHK are my favourites.
Black Rock Shooter
Open file (235.70 KB 500x375 1462322323214.gif)
Muh Gunda/m/.
Open file (295.43 KB 700x704 1419027813330.gif)
Open file (74.80 KB 737x700 1440432753472.gif)
Open file (72.68 KB 942x942 1436734788099.gif)
Open file (150.62 KB 1024x800 1419027619209.gif)
Let's all love Lain!
Open file (363.29 KB 768x560 1461949778650.png)
Open file (300.63 KB 525x672 00.png)
Open file (35.47 KB 600x693 1449391231217.jpg)
Old school best school

0079 best year of my life
Open file (255.96 KB 913x1200 57376320_p0.jpg)
Shigatsu wa kimi no uso, Steins;gate and NGE are my favourites
>no Ghost in the Shell
For sham/e/.
Only one I can actually enjoy. Haven't tried very much else tbh, since I found out I can't even stand anymore anime I liked when I was a child (and that was just one show)
Planetes and the original Gundam.
I guess im just autistic for space.
Open file (51.04 KB 546x896 464.jpg)

It's an excelent critique of Ideology.


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