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Board Purpose

Decided to merge the old pre-hegira bunkerchan boards of /ent/ and /edu/ into one board.

This board is for discussion of any form of entertainment, besides outright pornography.

It is also for discussion of other topics that fit some kind of learning purpose, but might not fit on left, for example, a Learn Russian General.

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/mu/sicz thread

>No music thread
Step it up lads

>Boards of canda - 5.9.78

>Blackmores night - Journeyman

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What are you playing while 8/vg/ is down?

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steam group?

are you guys in any active lefty steam groups??, i cant find any and thinking about starting my own.

pic unrelated

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Daddy Ochs

If there is a SINGLE one of you on this GOD DAMNED bunker hellhole that isn't listening to Phil FUCKING Ochs RIGHT NOW I will personally kick your cat.

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Where does Bunkerchan stand with pewdiepie?

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I'll start
Is a privateer/elite clone set in its own universe. You play as a privateer. The game is currently in Dev hell but it's open source (GPL) runs on Unix-like oses, Windows and Mac.

It features socialists as a faction known as the ISO (Interstellar Socialist Organisation)

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Anyone play nation sims

Anyone play nations likes Cybernations or Politics and way

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What should Education under a Leftist system look like? The current system obviously doesn't work as can be seen by the large amounts of dropouts and general scorn and dissatisfaction that is directed towards the system.

I'm personally leaning towards the Sudbury Model of Education, essentially the government, school, and parents have no say in what is taught (preventing bias and the brainwashing type of education in modern public and religious schools).
The school's rules as well as other actions are decided by a democratic "School Meeting" consisting of Staff members and the entire Student Population, each has an equal vote and the staff possesses no veto power. Meaning that the school is mostly run by the students, there is no curriculum and no classes, the students decide what to learn, how to do it, and can ask other students or staff for assistance if they wish.
There are no divisions by age or skill meaning that younger students can interact with older ones at will and vice versa, allowing for older students to act as big brothers/sisters to younger students giving them a chance to develop greater empathy and responsibility while giving younger students the ability to find mentors (that they can personally identify with, unlike the ones assigned under current mentor-ship or tutoring programs).

It's worked very well already in the few schools that have tried it:

What would be other good ideas and ways to reform the current system?

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For all things related to the Chapo.

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So what animu does Bunkerchan like?

I really love any anime that has something to do with uchuu!

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for IASIP fans

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Who else spends his hard earned (or state given ;^) ) money frequently on commodity fetishes like M:tg cards? How is such behaviour to justify (there is no right living in the wrong)?

One pal of mine tries to get me into his rpg-group, and I'm honestly thinking about it, even tough I don't have much interest anymore in high fantasy-rpgs.

Any other non-vidya gamers around?

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Anyone wants to play Wakfu (the mmo) with me?

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They work the mercenary

... the masketta man...

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Yes, yes nice dubs Anon, nice dubs


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Comics and cartoons are the industried were the contradictions of capitalism are the most noticeable

You know them I know them.

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Who likes demos? Computer generated graphics that are cool.

Bad Apple - TI-84

777 Heaven - Razor1911

Luma - Mercury

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Lewd, qt, and Waifus

Keep Bunkerchan alive, post waifu, lewd and qt ITT

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Why does Duke University publish so much Marxist/post-Marxist stuff?

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so is this /freedu/?
learn russian general anyone?

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what vidya does bunkerchan like

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This board came to be to late, nobody will care, not even now.

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Bunkerchan Movie Night

So now that we finally have a general entertainment board...

People have expressed interest before in doing a Bunkerchan movie night. This is a thread to discuss that and to post any planned streams (Hoxha might want to sticky this).

So first of all: I'm not going to stream shit unless people show up. That being said, I can't stream every week at a time that works for everyone even if I wanted to, so if anyone other than me is able to stream and willing to, you should post here.

I'm also wondering what sorts of things people would want to watch. People have in the past talked about doing lefty themed movies and documentaries, but I think that'd be kind of limiting if it was all we streamed.

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Looking for some wonderful fiction to pick up from the library.

So far I have Moby Dick and Call of the wild in my possession.

Can an one tell me other great must read fiction novels?

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Ayyy Hoxha, you going to be on IRC? I'll work on adding e to the bar.