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Karl Marx as a poet and romantic Comrade 03/03/2016 (Thu) 13:45:56 [Preview] No. 92
A poem by Karl Marx to his wife Jenny.
(Translated with google from spanish to english, would be nice if someone can do a better translaton)
Source: http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/tres-poemas-de-jenny/

"I can not do with parsimony
what the soul shakes and shudders
or immerse myself in immobility,
and constantly I throw myself forward.

I want to do all mine,
to the highest favor of the gods,
and bold stand penetrate the world
knowledge, singing and art.

Everything I understand, always awake,
always moving,
never silent, never to be idle,
nor asleep in actions and wills.

Or devote to vague musings,
carrying the yoke negligible.

We still lie ahead
cravings, fatigue and action.

Jenny concluding the Sonnets

Take it, take these songs
where everything is melody,
take this love that your humble prostrates feet.
The soul, free approaches in bright beams.
Oh! If the echo of singing is so powerful:
to move elongated sweet flashes,
to beat the passionate pulse
your heart up himself proud sublime.
So far I will be witness
how victory leads you through light.
Braver then I fight for all
and my music will roar at the top
transformed my song sounds more free
and a sweet moan cry my lyre.

My world

Ah! When your lips whispered
just a word tibia.
Then I plunged into mad ecstasy,
helpless was swept into the distance.

From the depths of my soul,
in nerve and spirit I was afflicted
like a demon, when the great magician
He attacked with lightning efforts and spoke.

Why should they try to force yourself words in vain,
It is sound and nebulous fatigue
which it is infinite, as the wistful pain
like yourself and like everything?"

My dearest, unique Karl, you cannot believe, my darling, how very happy you make me by your letters, and how your last letter has once again restored calm and peace to your poor lamb. In the background dark feelings of anxiety and fear, the real menace of unfaithfulness, the seductions of a capital city.
From Jenny von Westphalen in Trier to Karl Marx in Paris, 18 August 1844.
"The direct, natural, and necessary relation of person to person is the relation of man to woman. The relation of man to woman is the most genuine relation of human being to human being. It therefore reveals the extent to which man’s natural behaviour has become human, or the extent to which the human essence in him has become his natural essence. The relationship also reveals the extent to which man’s need has become a human need: the extent to which, therefore, the other person as a person has become for him a need.

... If you love without evoking love in return – if through the vital expression of yourself as a loving person you fail to become a loved person, then your love is impotent, it is a misfortune."
Marx in Private Property and Communism, 1844

Post more Karl Marx and love related stuff.
That is so adorable
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