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Open file (87.08 KB 318x277 n1x_idpol.png)
Open file (76.38 KB 422x595 muke_idpol.png)
Comrade 09/27/2017 (Wed) 13:42:16 [Preview] No. 450
Classic n1x.
Mukes a Fucking traitor though.
I just feel sorry for n1x's family. Imagine having to suffer someone that unbearably pretentious and conceited for Christmas dinner.
Why are you people tracking down my mastodon accounts to screencap with a completely unrelated tweet from muke?
>N1x still uses bunkerchan
kek :^)
I just lurk sometimes on here and /leftypol/, and I'm waiting for my ban to expire on twitter.
What do you expect, given 0ch was such an abysmal failure?
That's funny considering that the site gets more traffic than bunkerchan. But yeah, a week of downtime to migrate over to new software and a new host being done solely by me around my work schedule. Owned haha.
>It taking a week to migrate to new software and host
Are you bragging about being incompetent?
Here's an archive of the original /pol/ thread:

It took all of four hours for n1x to have a tantrum and shut off the site, eight days ago. 0ch.org has shutdown at the first scent of a raid and it's admin is incapable of dealing with the matter.
Open file (496.20 KB 591x579 n1x_already_cunt.png)
Someone should tell n1x the world already thinks he's a huge cunt and a massive prick.
The absolute edge


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