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Political Minecraft Autism Simulation Comrade 04/02/2017 (Sun) 19:24:39 [Preview] No. 356
Hey, I'm here to (shill?) advertise a political role-playing factions server called Paradigm factions, which has recently restarted completely from scratch. Our goal as server administrators, is to encourage and facilitate a functional political role-play experience, where players are free to collaborate in factions and align themselves along ideological lines. This is not so much a PvP factions server, as much as it is a political simulation server. However, PvP and faction warfare will be certainly prevalent.

IP: the.paradigmfactions.com

We’ve chosen Minecraft for a server like this, specifically because the game is extremely versatile and easily accessible for a lot of people, (considering many people own minecraft). We have a lot of options here, so I hope it's easy for all of you to excuse the negative connotations surrounding the game.

We've refined Paradigm Factions with a lot of plugins, which hopefully serve to make the base game more entertaining. For example, we have included a board of select-able ideologies, have limited PvP enchantments to a max of (III) to discourage grinding, and added a dynamic market based off calculated supply and demand.

[1] No raiding, killing, griefing or declaring war on other official factions without valid political reason(s).
[2] No cheating, or using hacks. This includes exploits.
[3] Role-play according to your political ideology.
[4] Be honest with admins.
[5] Annoying use of the chat will not be tolerated.
[6] Excessive destruction of the world/player built structures, will result in minor punishments.
(there are no rules against griefing, but be reasonable.)

If one thing you're worried about is how pay2win this server is, I can assure you 100% that this server is a non-profit, and not a single donation perk will involve serious in game items of any sort of bullshit advantage. Donations will be purely cosmetic. Furthermore, donations will only go towards funding the server. Every cent.
Open file (565.49 KB 1122x660 Paradigm.png)
Forgot image like a retard. Excuse my autism.
Why not Minetest?
Because minetest is silly and has no cool plugins.
Open file (575.67 KB 1360x705 2017-04-02_08.13.37.png)
c'mon folks. feel free to join the serber
I cant connect to the server


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