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Alunya Thread Comrade 04/01/2017 (Sat) 12:34:49 [Preview] No. 328
Seeing as Rachel decided to fuck off and become Porkies slut, I guess it's back to the drawing board.

Alunya Thread and Alunya Comic Discussion. Other OC also accepted
Who's Rachel?
Open file (1.00 MB 1000x1087 classroom.png)
They mean the catgirl drawfag who did the Political Ideology Catgirls comic. Someone else could probably give a better rundown on what happened.

Jesus Christ, just because she wants to do some other things doesnt mean she's a slut or whatever. She isnt your personal slave, off yourself. She needs to make a living too under capitalism.
She could of used a psudonymn for cat girls and used her IRL name for her normie stuff. Tbh she didn't have to end the project. IMO I think she used us for fame and fortune.
Everyone is a slut under capitalism.
You're so fucking stupid it's almost sad.
IMO you're a faggot.
I feel bad for Rachel tbh.
She was too much of a normie to fit with the rabid coloured haired idpollers at /r/socialism (whom flipped their shit because catgrills are objectifying wymyns) and she was too much of a normie to fit with the rabid /r9k/ losers at image boards (whom flipped their shit at comic #008 because how dare you make fun of us despicable losers).
Maybe it would better if she tried to fit with a normie crowd in places for normies like facebook or youtube, I dunno.
The material conditions for revolutionary females has not yet been realized.
Open file (142.78 KB 1012x1433 alunya_tempted_money.jpg)
>She needs to make a living too under capitalism.
>$800 per month Patreon goal: 3 comic strips

More like someone just tried to capitalize on a niche, but the venture failed for the same reason.
imo it had less to do with her normalfag tendencies and more to do with the crushing sense of worthlessness capitalist culture instills in the "non-successful." her friends were all getting good paying gigs and she was drawing catgirls for political autists on the internet.

she is talented and contributed alot of good work to the board and if she's gone for good it's a real shame
I heard somewhere that she had to pay for medical stuff, like she had some condition or something. cannot confirm but still i wouldn't blame her ether way.
But it's still sad that it's gone the left need's some memes like this. The right has it all but all we had was this and now it's gone. I wish she would still make it as a side job thing, like for fun when ever she wants too. And hey her new comic is going to be a bunch of short stories so she still do it on there when ever she wants.
>tl;dr I think there's still a way for her to keep making it
Rachel isn't her real name it's just the name she uses for art. that's why /pol/ hasn't managed to properly dox her yet. Also, no need to be rude to her, she made some good oc.
It's amazing how sad I felt to see the comic go and then reading how depressed she seemed on twitter :(
>Taking the cynics position is rude


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