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Open file (108.60 KB 1060x1089 Schnitzel.jpg)
ITT: Leftypols discord drama Comrade 03/31/2017 (Fri) 12:38:39 [Preview] No. 326
So....leftypols discord has suffered a coup at the hands of Schnitz. Second time he has done this the first time was with Declasscucking memes, now with the discord. When will his thirst for hunger stop lads?
Open file (48.64 KB 604x404 Wat8.jpg)
>thirst for hunger
I don't understand a single word, comrade.
It's just stupid Discord drama that lasted less than six hours, everybody's back at the original /leftypol/ Discord server.

This is where I'd post the invite link to the server, but the latest one expired.
schnitz did nothing wrong
Praise the great Schnitz!
Open file (66.74 KB 495x372 image.jpeg)
wrong, declasscucking was rna by trots and purged me pierre and a few others because they cant handle bants

i couped leftypol cus thry cant handle the bants

only i, can handle the bants
Well, that didn't work.
So, the /leftypol/ disscord got fucked a second time.

There was an infiltrator mod who got a bot to nuke the server.

Snow stepped down and now TheDiscourse is admin.

The server really is in tatters now, needs to be rebuilt by some dedicated comrades who dont hate people.
The alternate Discord servers won't let me in. :^(
nvm it's good now fam
The one thing I never understood is why would people prefer IRC, discord or something like that over anonymous imageboard system, What do you people find so appealing in such namefag circlejerks?
i was not very active on it but it was fun, until recently whe i decided to check it after a month or so and i was apparently out of it. -.- can anyone post inv ?
And now, the Discord is kill. AGAIN.


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