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r/socialism is dying because of idpol Comrade 01/15/2017 (Sun) 23:00:31 [Preview] No. 287
We should take advantage of r/socialism mods going mad to draw ex members of their comunity and the one who feel frustrated
Post links to bunkerchan?
I haven't read anything on there, but is anything of value lost? IIRC, leftypol always hated on the idpol circlejerk going on there, so I think if anyone took part in the community, he suffers from the idpol cancer too.
Open file (383.54 KB 641x720 karen.png)
r/socialism can come to bunkerchan if they want. They won't be able to influence anything though or get on the mod team (unlike leftypol) Because I have such an iron grip on it. Besides all we do is remove/ban spam and move shitpost threads to /dprk/. Idpol threads will get shifted to /dprk/
Define idpol.
Identity politics. Basically anything that moves itself away from class analysis to liberal oppression Olympic frolicing


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